Dangerous Milk in Pakistan for Steroid Injections for Cows

Forum: Pakistan - Dangerous Milk? Steroid Injections for Cows Could Endanger Human Lives

Published on: 09/13/2007
Source : The News online
The milk from cows injected with steroids may cause low immunity level in humans, leading to several diseases. Such animals are given steroids so that they can produce more milk. Also, steroid injections are known to speed up the process of fowl or calf birth in animals.Several cattle pen owners use this unnatural method to increase their profits. Sadly, this also leads to low infertility among co...
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September 13, 2007
Number 1, What is Rs10-12? Is it oxytocin? Oxytocin does increase the contractions of smooth muscles involved in biorthing. Also, oxytocin (the milk letdown hormone) is not transmitted to the consumers of the milk. It is simply replacing the hormone normally released from the pituitaty of the cow. It appears that the dairymen do not know that oxytocin is blocked by rough treatment of the cow and it takes time for it to be released. If the handlers are gentle and soothing to the cows, strip (premilk a bit to stimulate mil letdown and check for mastitis) the teats gently to begin the milking process that the cow will naturally release oxytocin and release the milk from the alveoli in the udder. Information regarding good milking procedures should be presented (and followed up for understanding and application) to help the milkers/dairymen advance in their program and save money by not needing to use oxytocin, at least not as often .

Number 2, Essential the whole world of dairymen remove calves from their dams soon after birth. When this is done, the farmer must feed the calf the all of the colostrum (first milk) within less than 6 hours after birth ( This is done to assure that the calf does indeed get the colostrum.) The colostrum provides the calf with the immunoglobulins necessary to help protect the calf before its own immune system is developed fully enough to establish its own immune competency. This is the most important thing a dairyman can do... feed as much colostrum as soon as he can get the calf to consume (if an espophageal tube cannot be used properly) to insure the health and survival of the calf.

I find the railings of the author on the impact of the steroids on human health to be without substance. That is unless the hormone is not Oxytocin. I am sympathetic to the authors concerns, but he and those in the different agencies need to enroll in Dairy Science 101 to learn more about what is going on in that industry.
September 13, 2007
Not only steroid but improper use of antibiotics also causes threat of human health, especially for children who take cows milk. Improper use of steroid and antibiotics should be prohibited to save human health. It is also important to follow the withdrawal period of any steroid and antibiotics while life saving is more important for cattle.
September 14, 2007
First the title needs to be changed to Pakistan - Dangerous Milk? as it wrongly mentions India. The comments given in the article are by Pakistani research workers.

It would be better to specify the steroidal injection being used. It appears the author seems to be focussing on oxytocin.

In future, it would be better to do a review of the articles sent by the publisher to avoid confusion. For example, the title gives a wrong description of Indian milk producers, at a time when they are looking forward to exporting their commodities by following HACCP strictly.

Kind regards.

Dr Shiva Kumar
September 14, 2007
We appreciate the correct comment of Dr Kumar. The country has now been changed to Pakistan (The mistake involved the press source). Thank you for the kind notification.

Note for Dr Watkins: Rs applies to Pakistan currency (rupees).

Thank you all for you participation!

Dr Neelesh Sharma Dr Neelesh Sharma
Veterinary Doctor
September 15, 2007
1. The comments Dr. Watkins is 100% correct there is no need of oxytocin injection for letdown of milk after weaning of calf because milk ejection reflex receptors are present on the skin of teat particularly on base of the teat. So on massaging or touching the teat animal start to letdown the milk.

2. There is very confusion that oxytocin should be used or not?. Because I think some researchers says that regular use of injection of oxytocin for letdown of milk have no any adverse effects on consumers. Recently the author (from IVRI, India) of a paper which is published in Pashudhan wrote that no any adverse effect of oxytocin on consumer.

Dr. Neelesh Sharma
R.S. Pura, Jammu
March 17, 2008
I want to make a correction here. We use oxytocin on buffalos, not cows. The reason behind it is that the buffalos take 3-4 minutes for milk letdown, that is not feasible in commercial dairies.
Sudhakar Jogi Sudhakar Jogi
Doctor of Animal Breeding & Genetics, Livestock Production & Management
November 1, 2011
Injection of oxytocin in animals for letdown of milk is a subsitution therapy. Normally an animal produces oxytocin for let down of milk after it is either stimulated manually by hand or by calf. So in such coditions if an animal fails to produce natural oxytocin, then it is being injected to animal from external source.

Secondly, the half life of oxytocin is only 2 to 7 minutes and by the time the milking is completed it is no where in circulation so question of its presence in milk does not arise.

Thirdly, if oxytocin containing milk is consumed then it gets digested by digestive enzymes in the digestive tract and looses its form thus it is only the protein which goes to body and not the hormone as such.

Fourthly, oxytocin being a protein (contains 9 amino acids) when the milk is boiled it gets coagulated so the hormone efeect is lost.

Thus in no way consumption of milk induced by injected oxytocin be harmful to Humans.

Dr. Sudhakar Jogi Ex . Dean Faculty of Veterinary Science and Expatriate professor in Mekelle University Tigray, Ethiopia
Jalil Ghassemi Nejad Jalil Ghassemi Nejad
Ph.D. (Doctorate degree)
November 9, 2011

Generally because the half life of oxytocin is less than 7 minutes (2-6 min), so it mustn't be harmful in the milk as it will disappear after milking. Hence, We should not be afraid from anything we don't know the exact effect. In my point of view we need some more research in this case knowing more about the side effect of exogenous injection of oxytocin if it is so.

With Regards,
Jalil Ghassemi Nejad
Doctoral candidate,
Grass & Forage Design Lab.,
Dept. of Animal Life System,
College of Animal Life Science,
Kangwon National University,
Office Tel: +82-33-250-8635
Fax: +82-33-242-4540
Mobile: +82-10-5880-4153
Address: 192-1, Hyoja-2 Dong,
Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do 200-701,
Kangwon National University,
Republic of Korea
E-mail: jalil@kangwon.ac.kr
Dr. N.r.sarker Dr. N.r.sarker
Animal Nutritionist
November 10, 2011
I am totally agree with the scientific explanations regarding the use of oxytocin in dairy cows for letdown of milk made by author Dr. Jogi but before going to final conclusions more research is needed in this area. As a livestock researcher we every body know that during milking when milkman gentle handled the udder and/or calves., oxytocin naturally secreted by the cows which initiates milk production. Now a days, use of any steroid and/or antibiotics their improper use is not allowed as public health concerns. Therefore, before going to any recommendation we should carefully handled the public health concerns related matters.

with thanks
Dr. N.R. Sarker
Senior Scientist

November 10, 2011
Really some Fact Findings regarding Oxytocin

But as per the Animal Welfare Board of India; the following is the Information posted on their Official Website:
1) Oxytocin is used to force the cow to give milk even after severe beatings and stress. However it destroys the cow's reproductive system and she goes dry in just 3 years. She is then abandoned.
2) A substantial part of the Oxytocin injected into the cow seeps into the milk. It is very harmful for humans who unwittingly are made to consume an artificially created hormone.
3) Children are most susceptible to its effects and it is known to have caused imbalanced hearing and weak eyesight.
4) Common symptoms are exhaustion and loss of energy. Expecting mothers should avoid milk that may has been adulterated with Oxytocin because:
a. Oxytocin increases the risk of post-partum haemorrhage
b. Individual women may be hypersensitive to Oxytocin and it can inhibit breastfeeding.
c. Oxytocin seriously affects the growth of hormones especially in females because of which minor girls attain early puberty.
d. Oxytocin is also found in phenomenal proportions in beef and other meat. Over 75% of all beef are known to have high and dangerous Oxytocin content.
The Government of India has acknowledged the negative effects of Oxytocin and has declared it as a schedule H-drug that means that it cannot be bought or sold without a prescription. It is specifically banned under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 section 12 of and the Foods and Drug Adulteration Prevention Act, 1960.

As a Veterinarian, I feel that we have to get the issue clarified at the Policy Makers Level and ensure that the Information being circulated amongst the Technical Circles (whether Right / Wrong) should be of highest integrity, such that the correct decisions can be taken by Field Veterinarians - which will definitely help in boosting the Economics of the Dairy Industry
Aravinth Aravinth
Veterinary Doctor
November 10, 2011
In India also many milk man use oxytocin. We can see at Chennai city more common. They use in cows also. It is the need of hour to educate these people that the letting down of milk of normal mechanism which does not need any injections like oxytocin.Whether it affects the human who consumes such milk need to be reviewed thoroughly.
Jalil Ghassemi Nejad Jalil Ghassemi Nejad
Ph.D. (Doctorate degree)
November 10, 2011
With respect to all opinion,

I wonder if you please answer this simple question: If using oxytocin in miking cow is harmful for human who drinks the milk, so what about the natural oxytocin releases by hypothalamus?

Dr.Durgesh Gupta Dr.Durgesh Gupta
November 10, 2011
There is very confusion that oxytocin should be used or not?
No never be confused at all, because it is absolutely no any side or adverse effect on human health,
as far as human health is concern ,no way for discussion,
but prolong use of external oxytocin may creates problem with further productive life of animal.

Dr Durgesh Gupta
Tech Manager
ABIS Dairy
Chhattisgarh, India
Jalil Ghassemi Nejad Jalil Ghassemi Nejad
Ph.D. (Doctorate degree)
November 10, 2011
I agree with the opinion of Dr. Gupta.
Hailu Mazengia Yimam Hailu Mazengia Yimam
Associate Professor of Veterinary Pathology
November 10, 2011
It is very nice information but needs further studies.
November 11, 2011
I completely agree with Dr Sudhakar Jogi, Oxitocin is any how get destroyed by the natural process due to its short half life and at the time of milk processing either pasteurization or boiling, no one in India use the raw milk. either external or natural oxitocin both get destroyed. so no matter of discussion.
but gentlemen, we have to discuss about the policy or the info provided by Dr.tadimeti Hanumanta.
Tushar Kumar Mohanty Tushar Kumar Mohanty
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
November 11, 2011
Dear Colleagues,

I am also very concern about the repeated use of Oxytocin for milk letdown in buffaloes and other animals regularly by periurban dairies having limited space for calves. So they disposed the calves at early age and start milking these animals with Oxytocin. This is unethical.
Oxytocin is safe for animals as well milk is safe for human consumption.

However, I have some questions,

• What is that Oxytocin they are using for milk letdown?
• Which source they are procuring the Oxytocin injection?

If you have seen the vials they are not using schedule drug Oxytocin which is available in the market, there very expensive.

Oxytocin injection contains 20 USP Units of oxytocin and less than 0.4 units of presser activity per mL Oxytocin will contract the smooth muscle cells of the mammary gland to induce milk let-down if the udder is in a proper physiological state.
Milk letdown: COWS: 0.5 to 1.0 mL 10 to 20 USP Units

{Your milkman uses the locally made oxytocin injection twice a day to extract milk from his animals. This is a locally made cheap product known as veterinary oxytocin. (Oxytocin for humans is priced at Rs. 15 per ampule while veterinary oxytocin is priced at Rs. 0.50 per ampule). (AWBI)}

The fact is that the Rs.0.50 /ampoules is not pure Oxytocin this is pituitary extract. This is crude pituitary extract prepared from whole pituitary not posterior pituitary.

However, the schedule drug is synthetic analogue of Oxytocin (Syntocinon). Syntocinon injection contains a synthetic version of the naturally-occurring hormone oxytocin. It works in the same way as the natural hormone. Oxytocin and vasopressin are the only known hormones released by posterior pituitary gland to act at a distance.

What Is Bovine Somatotropin (BST)?
Somatotropin (ST) is a naturally occurring protein hormone produced in and secreted from the anterior pituitary gland. It is the master hormone regulating the growth of humans and other animals. It also markedly stimulates milk production and improves productive efficiency.

The pituitaries weigh approximately 2 grams each.

The crude extract of Pituitary is anterior pituitary or posterior pituitary extract?

If it was done in unorganized sector, it is a crude extract of total pituitary having both Oxytocin and Somatotropin action as it is difficult to separate these two.

When such product is used it has the effect of milk letdown as well as increase in milk production due to Oxytocin and somatotropin effect respectively.

The crux is that people are using crude extract of pituitary for increasing milk production first and milk letdown as secondary thing. It is well known fact that continuous use of Somatotropin is more harmful than Oxytocin which is a proven fact for both to the animal as well as the milk consumed by human being. Harmful effect of Oxytocin is never been proved.

So my point is to find out; how the pituitary extract is prepared in unorganized way? What is the chemical composition of this product? The product should be tested in small animal model for its biological activity. If the things are clear as per my observation in Northern India, stringent law should be enforced to crab the Veterinary Oxytocin preparation illegally, not to ban the legal use of synthetic Oxytocin for therapeutic purpose, which is a life saving drug in many emergency situation.

Hope some thought should be put in this aspect by the learned member of this forum


Dr. T.K. Mohanty
Ramachandran Balagopal Ramachandran Balagopal
Veterinary Doctor
November 12, 2011
Dear Friends.
The impression created by DrTadimeti Hanumanta is without any scientific reference , simply stated that the seepage of Oxytocin in the milk after injection. basically you putforth the information with authenticated scientific so as to clarify the gravity of the situation, rather than stating side efforts.
Zargham Khan Zargham Khan
DVM PhD Pathology
December 13, 2011
Can some colleague quote published research papers indicating harmful effects oxytcin injected into buffaloes upon the consumer health?
Zargham Khan Zargham Khan
DVM PhD Pathology
December 13, 2011
Can some colleague quote published research papers indicating harmful effects oxytcin injected into buffaloes upon the consumer health?

Please dont mix steriods, for fattening, antibiotics etc with oxytocin.

Use of name of any country like Pakistan or India should be avoided as every country is trying to jump into international market and this forum should not be used to target any country.
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