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You may also consider for intestinal intususception if animal will completely stop the feces and will pass only mucus
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Dear Author Here I would like to react and ask to authors that why do you submit the same manuscript to more than one places at the same time? The same manuscript has been submitted to the Journal of Animal Research on 15 sept. 2013 for the publication (Corresponding email : The aforesaid manuscript was ready to publish in the december-2013 issue. But here authors have p ...
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Its good paper,  Dr. P. L. Ruegg papers on mastitis are always very informative and useful for mastitis workers.
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Dear Dr. KK Sharma You are right, as you know its Dignala is fungal disease, so only one factor is not 100% sure to cause disease. This problem starts when we storing rice paddy in high moisture for long time then Fusarium equisitti become grow. When we offer that paddy to animals, problem become starts. Favourable conditions are very important for the growth of fungus. Second point, the symptoms ...
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Hi Dear Dr. Kedar thanx for providing updated information, really its big problem particularly in rice fed area.
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Dear Dr. Practically and Personally I do not agree with the statement that only Tri-sodim citrate is enough for the treatment of mastitis in bovine because I have used in so many cases. If I have worked on the topic, after that I do not believe on reference or publications. I have many papers even not only in mastitis they are showing good results although practically results are Zero. Even you c ...
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Dear Sir I know use of Tri-sodium citrate in India started from PAU, Ludhiana, thatswhy it is very frequently using in Jammu also. No doubt it has good results as supportive therapy in mastitis particularly during antibiotic therapy in the field even some times we used as such juice of citrus fruits. Everybody know that each chemical or element works at cellular level and target cell signaling fo ...
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Dear Dr. Amarnath Your views are ok and well known. But now the time to change from blind supplementation/treatment concepts to specific or targeted treatment. If any one diseases/condition is responding to any one mineral or compound then you start blind treatment with others also. How we can give vitamin E, selenium oe other minerals without knowing the exact blood level of the animal or su ...
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The treatment of bovine mastitis is still challenge in the world, hence scientists those are working in mastitis are concentrating only on management practices, awareness and molecular and stem cell research to findout some fruitful findings to control this deadly disease. Regarding treatment with Tri-sodium citrate, this is not a novel research, because this practices in India is goingon since v ...
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Dear Dr Helen I am agree with the statement of Hellen that imuune system is most important thing in the control of mastitis particularly subclinical form. The immunity could be enhanced by the some minerals and vitamins like Selenium, copper, zinc, vitamin E, vitamin C etc. Most of these act as antioxidants. The antioxidants are simply free radicals e.g. superoxide, hydrogen peroxide etc. They ...
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