Don’t put the blame on cattle breeding when dealing with global warming

Published on: 01/18/2022
Author/s : Israel Flamenbaum, PhD / Cow Cooling Solutions Ltd., Israel.

In a previous article I published here, I presented the different opinions that exist about the causes of global warming in recent decades, and I also brought to the attention of readers the opinion of researchers who deny that human activity in the last 150 years is the main cause for it. According to these researchers, global warming is part of a million-year-old cyclical process, in which the w...

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Cedden Cedden
Agricultural Engineer
January 18, 2022
Congratulations on your article. First, people have to be focused on principal reason so that they do not get fooled. More action for raising awareness that cows are not guilty and not primarily responsible from global warming. However, it is well known that, livestock produces about 60% of animal proteins consumed by human in the world. There is a dirty game on scene for destruction of natural food sources in favor of artificial.
January 19, 2022
Well done.
This article gives us a different perspective of what we have been made to believe that livestock is a major contributor to global warming. I hope that those who have been accusing cattle now know that these animals are innocent and that it is the human being who is the main culprit through various activities which release tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.
January 20, 2022
Excellent article and well done. It very interesting article and I thanks to the author.
This message must goes to the climate groups extensively to reduce the blame against cattle.
Frank van Eerdenburg Frank van Eerdenburg
Associate Professor at Veterinary Faculty
January 24, 2022
Dear Israel,

Thank you for this contribution. It is about time that politicians read this. There is even an extra argument and that is that if the plants do not get eaten by cattle, they will be composted and the same amount of CO2 and CH4 will be emitted in the atmosphere. The cycle has to continue. So the effect of cattle is just that they convert the plants in something that is digestible for us. If we all become vegan, we'll be starving.

Umberto Francesa Umberto Francesa
Veterinary Doctor
January 24, 2022
I don't think there is going to be much choice for dairy and livestock businesses in general to prove whether or not their cattle is a pollutant; the facts are, that agreements have been made already. Tecnologies which are taking commercial advantages of gas methane to produce electricity are in practice.

More difficult is going to be the capture of the CH4 erupted in the atmosphere for ruminants; of which, is more than 75% of the enteric methane produce daily by an adult dairy cow.
John Gitau John Gitau
Dairy producer
January 25, 2022
Clear and to the point. Dairying is after all a sustainable venture. More of these arguments will educate the greens and us in the dairy industry.
February 20, 2022

A very timely and necessary article!
But we can talk about reducing methane emissions in terms of increasing the productivity of lactating cows, by increasing the production of butyrate in the rumen and reducing the activity of methanogenic archaea.

April 5, 2022
Let us know whether the cows are A1 OR A2 if it is A 1 IT WILL RESPOND AND IF A2 IT WILL ABSORB THE STRAINS
April 5, 2022
Dr Kailash Chandra sharma

Could you explain the meaning of A1 and A2
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