Cooling cows in robotic dairy farms. The case of Bandioli farm, Italy

Published on: 02/10/2019
Author/s : Israel Flamenbaum / Cow Cooling Solutions Ltd.

Cooling means to reduce heat stress from cows have been developed over the last four decades in Israel and around the world, and are applied to a different degree of success in many farms in the world.Cooling cows in the farm is based largely on the daily routine, which includes cooling the cows in the waiting yards before and between milking sessions, as well as in the feeding line, around feedin...

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February 10, 2019
Good practice
Viswanatha Reddy Viswanatha Reddy
Retired Professor Animal Reproduction
March 1, 2019

Dear Sir,
At what speed the air was blown and at what interval the water was sprayed on the animals?
Was there any variations of speed of air and water sprinkling intervals in a given day especially summer?

Israel Flamenbaum Israel Flamenbaum
PhD (Animal Science)
March 1, 2019
Viswanatha Reddy V N The system was set to reach a wind speed of 3 meter/second in any part of the cooling site and water was sprayed for approximately 30seconds every 5 minutes
Pascal SOREL Pascal SOREL
Sales Manager MEA - MC
February 10, 2021
Good afternoon Israel,

Very interesting purpose ad nice results.

There is one way to do much better ! Almost in Italy where the summer temperatures are high…
Cooling cows from top to bottom with fans is a good idea.

But do not forget to cool them from the bottom up when they are lying in the cubicles because most mattresses are insulating and do not allow the cow to evacuate her body heat.
The best combination on the current market is the AQUACLIM mattress by Bioret Agri + a good ventilation system.

In this way the cow is cooled on her upper body and, thanks to the active AQUACLIM mattress, she also evacuates her calories downwards.
In order to fight effectively against heat stress and, to protect your herd against climate change, in order to maintain milk production, this is the best solution on the market today.

If you are interested I can send you more details.

P.S : Regarding Bioret waterbeds, nel 2020, all'ultima fiera di Verona, il premio per il miglior allevatore d'Italia è stato assegnato a Francesco ARNOLDI che utilizza i materassi AQUASTAR.

Best regards.
Israel Flamenbaum Israel Flamenbaum
PhD (Animal Science)
February 11, 2021
Pascal SOREL
Hello Paskal, thanks for uour comment, i am familiar with your product
The question is economic
The cooling system i presented is relatively of low cost and was shown in many cases as highly cost effective.
In many studies, the wind and water system almost "close the gap" of summer drop in performance (Summer to winter ratio of 0.98 in good cooling farms), therefore, your proposed system will not be justified to be implemented, unless of beiing provided in very low cost.
Soagain, my recomendation is that in order to get best economic results, to properly implement my proposed wind and water cooling system and only in cases of being impossible to implemen this system, or, for any reason, get its maximum cooling potential, then add also conductive cooling system.
Pascal SOREL Pascal SOREL
Sales Manager MEA - MC
February 11, 2021
Israel Flamenbaum
Hello Israel,
I agree with you if you only consider the price of the product. All the dairymen who decided to buy it are very happy with us despite the price because they consider i as an investment. and all of them get their money back quickly and make nice benefits on it. Waterbeds and cooling beds are not only comfort and welfare elements, they are firstly a money making machine...
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