The US rainbow trout industry: challenges and opportunities

Published on: 02/23/2007
Author/s : SCOTT E. LaPATRA - Clear Springs Foods Inc. (Courtesy of Alltech Inc.)

It is always interesting to try and assess the challenges and opportunities of a particular industry segment. We often hear the farmed seafood sector referred to as the aquaculture industry. In reality this sector should be termed the ‘aquaculture industries’ because of the number of different species that are farmed, the different culture requirements of the animals, the variety of life histories...

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February 23, 2007
I was wondering if there was any thought given to pretreatment of the water to remove particles so they have a purer source? And a second thought, are the large water treatment plants that are low tech with high quality output (i.e. Milwaukee Wisc.) treat signigificantly greater amounts of solids (human in nature) also required to meet these very strict standards when discharged into Lake Michigan? If not, why not?

Charles Luettgen
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