TARS 2011- Aquaculture Feeds & Nutrition

Published on: 06/24/2011
Source : TARS 2011

A shared vision for aquaculture in Asia While modern aquaculture has been around for the past 40 years, it has not developed at the speed expected of an industry that has the enormous responsibility of creating an alternative source of seafood to the dwindling capture fisheries. One of the major contributing factors is the lack of direction, coordination and tec...

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June 24, 2011
send more details for attending the conference
Analía Göttig Analía Göttig
Community Manager
June 27, 2011
Dear Thavasimuthu,

Please click on "More info about the event" at the end of this press release and you will find Participation fees and registration details.

Best regards,
October 24, 2011
a conference? that would be great!:) I'm sure a lot of wonderful information will be discussed during the said day...so good luck to you folks.

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