Swedish Report on Risks of Transgenic Fish

Published on: 09/08/2009
Source : TheFishSite.com

Transgenic fish can entail risks and undesirable effects on natural environment, according to a recent report from the University of Gothenburg. Fast growing transgenic fish can revolutionise commercial fish farming and relieve the pressure on overexploited fish stocks. But what happens in the natural environment if transgenic fish escape? Researchers at the University of Gothenburg have studied ...

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Muhammad Nawaz Ali Muhammad Nawaz Ali
B.S Biotechnologist And Informaticst
September 8, 2009
Gene technology is still in a primitive stage. The ion of genes is haphazard and therefore yields unpredictable results. Moreover, the knowledge of molecular biology is much too incomplete to be able to predict the effects of an ed gene even when the position of its ion is exactly known.

To make the ion of a desired gene successful, other genes have to be added that add to the unpredictability of gene ion. Moreover these added genes in the ion package may give rise to potentially serious problems with new viruses and bacteria. Much too little is known today about these problems to justify a release into nature of GE organsims.

Some people think that this is an enterprize that should be left to God or to Mother Nature, that man was never intended to monkey around with other species genes. I respect this point of view, even though I dont agree with it. But it cant be the basis of an argument. Whoever claims to know what God intends usually cant prove it, and cant be talked out of it.
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