Reduced mortality in Atlantic salmon fed diets supplemented with nucleotides

Published on: 08/09/2007
Author/s : STEPHEN J. GUNTHER - Empresas AquaChile S.A., Puerto Montt, Chile (Courtesy of Alltech Inc.)

In 2006, the Chilean salmon industry produced 600,000 MT of salmonids, of which 10% were produced by Empresas AquaChile S.A., the second largest salmonid producer in the world (, 2006). In that same year Chilean salmon producers sustained an approximate 12% loss due to mortality (SGS Aquatic Health, 2006). Over half of this loss can be attributed to health-related stressors such as viral, b...

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August 9, 2007
The article is quite interesting but, to my point of view, it should be taken into account possible benefits with nucleotids supplementation in terms of costs respect other ways reducing mortality. The premises stressed that item, indeed.

Moreover, the high reduction in salmon mortality at LD50, is obtained at the higher nucleotids supplemetation tested. No information or hypothesis are furnished for other level over that.

Along the article, it is not clear the value LD50 at which time is calculated. It should be a rule to definy clearly this time.

From a merely formal point of view, I suggest to indicate standard deviation, SDR or other data dispersion indicator over the mean values (eg weight gains reported in Table 2).

Dott. Pier Paolo Danieli
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