Effect of Incorporating “OXYDOL®” in White Shrimp Farming Ponds Litopenaeus vannamei over Production and Physical-Chemical Parameters

Published on: 05/08/2014
Author/s : Marcelo Atehortua Herrera , Zootechnical Veterinarian Doctor (BIOPHARM S.A. )

BASIC PARAMETERS ON HANDLING OF AQUACULTURAL PONDS WATER REPLACEMENT Amount of oxigen dissolved Evaporation and filtering Water temperature Coloring Salinity Turbidity pH TEMPERATURE Water temperature shall be between 25 and 32°C, being the optimal between 29 and31°C (Yoong Basurto y Reinoso Naranjo, 1982). SALINITY It can range between 28 and33 ppt (parts by thousand) (Cu...

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Knbvijayakumar Knbvijayakumar
May 8, 2014
very informative.
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