Effect of Incorporating “OXYDOL®” in White Shrimp Farming Ponds Litopenaeus vannamei over Production and Physical-Chemical Parameters

Published on: 05/08/2014
Author/s : Marcelo Atehortua Herrera , Zootechnical Veterinarian Doctor (BIOPHARM S.A. )

BASIC PARAMETERS ON HANDLING OF AQUACULTURAL PONDSWATER REPLACEMENTAmount of oxigen dissolvedEvaporation and filteringWater temperatureColoringSalinityTurbiditypHTEMPERATUREWater temperature shall be between 25 and 32°C, being the optimal between 29 and31°C (Yoong Basurto y Reinoso Naranjo, 1982).SALINITY It can range between 28 and33 ppt (parts by thousand) (Cuellar, Lara, Morales, De Gra...

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Knbvijayakumar Knbvijayakumar
May 8, 2014
very informative.
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