Assessment of a Bacillus spp. direct-fed microbial based on enzyme production to improve gut health in broilers

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Zahed Abbasi Zahed Abbasi
January 8, 2021
Hi Dear Guillermo thanks to your interesting information about DFM ,i have questions and wants to ask you if it is possible to send me the article by e-mail
The questions : Can DFM to vegetate and increase population in intestine ? if they cant, do they produce metabolites and in this way predispose condition to increase lactobacillus and other beneficial bacteria ?
How they prevent viscosity and trans location of bacteria like E-COLIE to peritoneum ?
How and bye which mechanisms prevent oxidative Stress?
Do you mean biofilm formation in foregut ?
I like to know the right mechanisms of DFM in intestine .
Best Regards.
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