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The interest of using probiotics to reduce the use of antibiotics in pigs

Topic: Swine Health
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Steffen Hansen Steffen Hansen
Animal Nutritionist
November 6, 2017
Yes, there are many farmers who are interested in using probiotics, however, nobody believes that probiotics alone can reduce the use of antibiotics. In my experience the efficacy of probiotics is inconsistent: Some farms experience an effect of one product whereas other farms do not see any effect at all of the same strain. I do not think we have seen any strain superior to another one when it comes to effect on animal performance. When it comes to other parameters like thermostability, storage stability there are of course significant differences.
In the current situation with a future ban on medicinal zinc, probiotics should be considered as one of the tools that can be used post-weaning. On the other hand probiotics should go hand in hand with other feed related issues, like re-formulated weaner diets with increased focus on level of crude protein and quality of protein sources and use of other additives like acids, essential oils, enzymes et cetera.

September 2, 2020

Please help me my pregnant sow is still not eating but passing out hard faeces. How can I treat this?

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