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Time runs fast and putting events in some historical perspective can sometimes be misleading for all of us.. I wonder if there is not a kind of lapsus or typing error in the last paragraph of this press release. It mentions that NutriAd was estabilished more than 50 (FIFTY) years ago. This would mean before 1967 !! If I remember well, NutriAd International was founded by Dr. Jamal Al Saifi, now ...
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Any explanation why the difference between a diet with and without added Choline is so huge : 427.9 grams or almost 30%. Maybe the control diet was pure synthetic and very deficient. We have seen published trials where in balanced diets the effect of added Choline sometimes is neglectable. A Weight Gain of 1861.7 or 1901.3 grams at 42 days is also very poor under modern intensive production (s ...
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It is much appreciated that the company NutriAD did sponsor the Gent symposium on Intestinal health as so many other companies did. Some other companies were even main sponsor and many other were just "silver" sponsor like NutriAd. So to my opinion it would be fair and more correct, neutral, if the editors of Engormix would mention all the sponsors or none. By selecting one or two companies, the ...
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I would agree with the comment of Dr. Zahid Nasir that there must have been something wrong with the control group, as the Daily Weight Gain is only about 36.01 grams per day and the FCR is at the level for growing pigs. Even the performance by the treatment groups (about 46 grams) is far below the Cobb 400 Standard. Its also strange that there is a 10 points and significant difference in FCR bet ...
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Congratulations with the simple but comprehensive and clear overview on egg shell quality. From the nutrition side, somebody mentioned already the importance of adequate supply of some minerals (Ca, P, Trace minerals) and vitamins (D3). More recent research and development work has documented the benificial effects of a special complex of encapsulated calciumbutyrate, on several Egg Shell Paramete ...
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