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Justin Fowler discusses probiotics in poultry nutrition

Published: March 13, 2017
Justin Fowler, Professor at the University of Georgia, went over his research on the benefits of sodium butyrate, and also pointed out Direct-Fed Microbials as one of the most effective alternatives to antibiotics, during IPPE 2017 in Atlanta, USA.
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Justin Fowler
University of Georgia
sameer aggarwal
4 de julio de 2017
Philippe Gossart
7 de julio de 2017
Congratulations to the American research, to take an interest in a major product, Sodium Butyrate, SB, which alone can replace and even largely supplant the antibiotic in animal nutrition, thanks to its actions and its multiple and progressive physiological effects all along the digestive tract . In Europe, since 1995, we have a great practice and therefore a wide experience of the SB. There are, however, traps in which it is absolutely essential not to fall, under pain of great disillusionment: * Like using a SB: 1 / unprotected ... 2 / poorly adapted ... or 3 / falsely protected. - 1 / For unprotected SB, ie a 99% product, the major disadvantage will be that with its lack of protection and a pH of 8.5 / 9, it will be irrevocably dissociated in the stomach (PH 2 / 2.5) and will never be dissociated (essential) in the intestine, its major site of action. - 2 / For the badly adapted SB, ie not sodium (but other salt), the disadvantage will be that the great "fundamental" research has always been done with sodium. Using another salt and availing itself of the sodium literature is a very adventurous shortcut. Sodium facilitates the absorption of AA, while for the absorption of the young, another salt is always more harmful than beneficial. - 3 / For the falsely protected SB, ie using a high melting point (70 ° C) such as stearin, the SB will be unable to free itself from the "gangue" Solid, imprisoning it as much as the transit time and the length of the intestine of the monogastrics are short and fast. Wanting to adapt to the monogastric the solutions of the poly-gastric is an impasse. I leave you alone judge the use of solution 2 / associated with the 3 / ... Nowadays, the lack of endogenous butyrate in the small intestine is constant and can only be compensated by an exogenous butyrate as close as possible to physiology. The use of antibiotic therapy is antagonistic and destructive of physiology and even worse ... the physiological capacity of a virtuous cycle of endogenous production of SB. It is high time to stop counteracting and to restrain physiology to act, but on the contrary to help it to strengthen itself in order to maximize its outstanding abilities. The confusion of uses between Nutrition and Veterinary has led to simplistic short-sighted solutions, of which it is now a common sense obligation to extricate oneself. The SB finally finds the place it should always have been, a direct factor of stimulation and intensification of functions digestive and immune physiology. It is impossible to talk about Sodium Butyrate without mentioning its protection. Its protection is physiological if not it can not adapt to physiology! The protection of the SB, will be physiological or will not be! * With the addition of exogenous Sodium Butyrate for endogenous use; The more physiological its protection, the more physiological will accept it as endogenous. (High palatability, development of the size of the villi, resulting in faeces less rich in fat and nitrogen, development of immune cells, orientation of the germs to more lactic and lactate with in return less germs G-, Enzymes brush borders and more secretions of the pancreas, with the very useful insulin, which, remember, is the « key » to glucose entry ... etc ... The physiological SB is a product that acts at least, like five products ... Who would have imagined that a product apparently so simple and complete could exist, to activate a physiological and natural solution that comes from within? (And every year we discover new capacities in SB ... (apoptosis / cancer…) Nutritional and immune solutions are physiological *! The software must undergo a serious update. The effectiveness of SB is directly dependent on its protection. The too intelligent protections can only confuse the physiology ... This information is the result of a passion of 25 years for this product of exception ... Physiologically & Nutritionally Yours ... * Philippe Gossart Initiator & Creator of the 1st & only Sodium Protected Butyrate Identical to the physiological protection.
Francois Mestrallet
8 de julio de 2017
Very interesting indeed What is this physiological protection made of?
Atef Abou Zead
9 de julio de 2017

What are the advantages and disadvantages of butyric acid and sodium butyrate?

Joe Stanyer
Farmer Joe Group
18 de julio de 2017

I would like to thank PHILIPPE GOSSART for his most enlightening article.
Have you done any work with SB in Turkeys?
I am a pioneer of Tropical Turkey Production and convinced by the effectiveness of Pre-biotics.
I am setting up the ASEAN Turkey Farming Centre in Davao, Philippines.

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