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Potential of Butyrate Glycerides as an Alternative to Dietary Antibiotics: A Mechanistic Study with Broilers

Published: August 8, 2016
Introduction Butyrate plays an important role in gastrointestinal health in broilers. Although very efficacious and possible to substitute for dietary antibiotics, pure butyrate has obvious limitations of smell and handling and is virtually absorbed in the upper digestive tract. Butyrate glycerides have no such limitations and their butyrate can be released by lipase in the small intestine,...
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Steve Leeson
Poultry Health Research Network
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Dr Sandip Gacche
11 de agosto de 2016
Hi Sodium butyrate is best as compared to calcium solubility is good but also take care of salt after using sodium butyrate u reduced the salt in feed
Raghunath Khaladkar
Avitech Nutrition
11 de agosto de 2016

With due respect,

Kindly clearly state the difference between various products available with various strengths. Some are having buffer matrix, some are having esterified and coated with vegetable fat.
There are school of thoughts amongst authors. It seems from writing there is clear inclination or tilt with some particular company's product. As a judge, we need guidance.
Submitted respectfully,

ajoy chandra roy
16 de agosto de 2016
what is the role of calcium butyrate
mohammad aslam
7 de diciembre de 2020
ajoy chandra roy Butyric acid is one of short chain fatty acids, which has higher bactericidal activity when the acid is undissociated. Bacterial cell take up undissociated fatty acids and once these acids dissociate, there is change in the intracellular pH leading to death of bacterial cells..
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