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Applications of ayurveda for sustainable livestock production

Published: November 18, 2022
Ayurveda (The Science of healthy living), a centuries old traditional system of health care, is an evidence based science and one of the oldest medical discipline. Ayurveda is a complete system which emphasizes living in harmony with the environment. Ayurveda is the synthesis of Ayur- meaning ‘life’ and Veda meaning – ‘knowledge’. Ayurveda, the Science of Life , base...
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Dr. Shivi Maini
Indian Herbs
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Balaram Bhattacharya
Indian Herbs
21 de noviembre de 2022
It is well proven, well established worldwide.
Dr Kotaiah Talapaneni
Indbro Research & Breeding Farms
8 de diciembre de 2022
Ayurveda is result based. Some body gave some leaves and got results. It got repeated also. No body is working on evidence , how it works , what dose, bad effects of undergoing or overdosing? Side effects etc. No body works on mode of action as shown in antibiotics or enzymes. If I am ignorant can some body explain how neem cake works, at what dose etc.. I know it works.
Dr. Shivi Maini
Indian Herbs
13 de diciembre de 2022

Dr Kotaiah Talapaneni

Ayurveda is evidence based science. New products are formulated as per guidelines of pharmacopoea. Reputed companies launch the product only after validating safety and efficacy of the products. Dosage is recommended on basis of series of dose standardization experiements.

Dr Kotaiah Talapaneni
Indbro Research & Breeding Farms
8 de enero de 2023
Dr. Shivi Maini Take zeecox. Explain what active ingredient it has,how does it work on coccidia parasite, what is the minimum dose and toxic dose. Coccidiosis outbreak can be controlled by prompt medication with known medicines which tell me at what stage of coccidia it works. If the medicine does not work the damage is heavy. Will you compensate if mortality is not controlled?
Surinder Maini
10 de diciembre de 2022
Neem cake has been tried in both layers n broilers, with no benificial results, 3 to 4% may not show any deleterious effects if fed for few days, in agriculture the neem cake is used as fertilizer, it reduces the nematode n other insects population, helps plants grow better, as it contains certain bitters, as a nutrient, large quantity for longer periods will be harmful, researcher need to do more work on it to prove its worth.
vijayaraghavan gonuguntla
Agri Life
11 de diciembre de 2022
Ayurveda is Knowledge and science of healing with herbs and Metals. There are Antimicrobials, Antioxidants, Hepatoprotectors, Immunomodulators Cancer therapeutics and many more in herbs. Ayurveda uses Metals as Oxides. In Livestock we can use the following based on Ayurveda Galactagogues Appetizers Digestives, Carminatives, Hepato protectors, Immuno Modulators Endo and Ecto parasiticides and Many More
Dr. Ansarimazher Mohammed
11 de diciembre de 2022
Dr.kothiya is right, Ayurvedic treatment of live stock & poultry uses are weight ing for scientific research & Laboratory proofs of the products & side effects & dosed etc.plese it confirmed first then use it. Some products are benned in Germany. Dr Ansari Mazher Mohammed Bhopal MP India.
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