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Poultry Industry Learns Solutions to Today’s Woes During PSA

Published: July 10, 2019
Source : Novus International
Novus to Share Findings on Performance, Feed Quality and Gut Health
ST. CHARLES, MO (July 9, 2019) – Five scientists from Novus International, Inc. will present their latest findings during the Poultry Science Association (PSA) annual meeting, July 15-18 in Montreal, Canada.
As a global leader in health and nutrition solutions for the animal agriculture industry, Novus representatives regularly share information about their science-based solutions for the ruminant, poultry, swine and aquaculture industries at industry events throughout the year.
The topics and who will present the information during the PSA meeting this month include:
  • Effects of higher doses of microbial phytase on performance, bone ash, and incidence of woody breast in broilers fed non-phytate phosphorus markedly deficient corn-soybean meal-based diets; Megharaja K. Manangi, PhD, senior research scientist
  • Characterization of Brazilian soybean quality and effect of the protease CIBENZA® DP100 on broiler digestibility using a commercial soybean meal; Raquel B. Araujo, senior R&D analyst
  • Impact of dietary calcium level, non-phytate phosphorus level and feeding time on phosphorus digestibility of soybean meal in broilers; Qian Zhang, PhD, research scientist
  • Efficacy between chelated vs organic and inorganic trace minerals in broilers; Karen Wedekind, PhD, senior research scientist
  • Efficacy of essential oils in managing coccidiosis in broilers subject to Eimeria challenge, Juxing Chen, PhD, senior structure and function manager
Dr. Deana Hancock, associate director of animal nutrition at Novus said the presentations illustrate just some of what Novus scientists are investigating for the poultry industry.
“As Novus has continued to develop new products, we’ve found that it’s important to consider every aspect in which those products can be useful to the industry,” she said. “Simultaneously, we’re hearing from our customers throughout the world about new challenges. It is our job to find ways to help our customers cope with those circumstances. The science Novus is presenting at PSA demonstrates our ongoing commitment to serve poultry producers worldwide.”
Novus will also host its annual party for meeting attendees on July 15 at Vargas Restaurant. During the event, company representatives will present the Novus Outstanding Scholar award. Registration is required to attend, visit www.novusint.com/Events for more information.
PSA is a professional organization consisting of educators, scientists, extension specialists, industry researchers, administrators, producers, and college students who are committed to advancing the poultry industry. Founded in 1908, PSA’s member scientists have contributed through their research to the development of safer and more nutritious food product.
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