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Reinforcing the intestinal barrier with an algae extract

Published: December 4, 2017
Dr. Marie Gallissot (Olmix) explains the benefits of this extract on mucus gel and tight junctions proteins to promote gut health, during the 5th IHSIG Symposium on Poultry Intestinal Health in Bangkok, Thailand.
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Marie Gallissot
Sataluri Satagopa Raja Ayyangar
Synergy Biorefineries Pvt
1 de enero de 2018
I congratulate to find alternative therapy phyto nutrient which is see weed algae to rejuvenate gut health . Like there are so many herbs and phyto chemicals with out any side effect . People should be bold enough to say no to Antibiotics and only echo free .
Athangudi Venugopalan
31 de diciembre de 2017
dear sir, 1- first time microbiological criteria of foods entire family of enterobacteriaceae[48 genera and 186 species is taken in to consideration for food safety since members of entero bacteriaceae carry anti biotic resistant genes which are transmitted to human pathogen vide eu regulation r 2073 of 2005 consolidated version jan 2017. this should be taken to consideration in using intestinal barrier a.t.venugopalan1-1-18
Kb Bohara
29 de diciembre de 2017
Hi Dr Marie I had no opportunity yet read your research report in detail so by the way may ask you a small query ? Is the component of algae you extracted acts itself as re-enforcement raw material or it stimulates body system to produce effective re-enforcement raw materials at the site? From precision nutrition research studies I understood clearly about basic raw ramaterials of re-enforcing intestinal barriers . VMT and best regards KB Bohara
Kb Bohara
28 de diciembre de 2017

I had gone through a number of studies published in human nutrition and reporting health benefits of seaweed algae and fresh seaweed algae are one of the popular items of all big supermarkets nowadays in advanced countries. I myself was suffering from IBS for years and tried seaweed algae regularly for a couple of months as sup I found it very beneficial.
Now you have gone into further detail to identify a specific component of seaweed algae and tested its functional property to restore gut health is really a great research with useful results. I can see the huge potential benefits from your research findings for preventing enormous economic losses being faced by animal protein industry globally. This will also contribute to achieving 2030's SDG. It is really a well-thought research. I appreciate it and thank you very much, Marie.Well done.
KB Bohara.

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