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Use of exogenous enzymes in poultry feed

Published on: 07/08/2022
Author/s : ABTL Enzymes. Contact: Sumit Sipany

IntroductionThe basic nutrients that poultry birds require for maintenance, growth and reproduction include carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and vitamins. The energy and protein are the most important as well as expensive nutrients in poultry diet. Maize and soyabean meal are the conventional feed ingredients commonly used in poultry industry because of its nutrients composition and digestibility...

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Dr.R.S.Rao Dr.R.S.Rao
July 8, 2022
The subject is finally expressing the theme that 115 k.cal ME and 3% Protein. This fact can not be established so widely. Where as the Phytates breakdown can easily be established with proof with 2500 fyts surely can replace 10 kgs of DCP in feed.
Sumit Sipany Sumit Sipany
Product Executive - Marketing
ABTL Advanced Bio-Agro Tech Ltd ABTL Advanced Bio-Agro Tech Ltd
Pune, Maharastra, India
July 9, 2022

Thanks for your comments. However we have successfully withdrawn the recommended energy & protein along with phosphorous by using PRO-MaXYL & PROMAXYL-alpha products at field level.
Sumit Sipany Sumit Sipany
Product Executive - Marketing
ABTL Advanced Bio-Agro Tech Ltd ABTL Advanced Bio-Agro Tech Ltd
Pune, Maharastra, India
January 17, 2023
1. Persistent increase in the feed prices has been a major constraint in most of the developing countries like India.

2. As a consequence, cheaper and non-conventional feed ingredients have to be used which contain higher percentage of NSP’s.

3. Use of exogenous enzymes in feed provide flexibility in using alternative ingredients without compromising birds performance by reducing anti-nutritional effects and improving nutrients availability and help to aid digestion.

Phosphorous is a key nutritional requirement for poultry to provide bone growth. Most of the phosphorus contained in animal feed of plant origin exists in the storage form called phytate. Poultry cannot digest phosphorus contained within phytate, since they lack phytase enzyme that breaks down this phytate molecule.

Break down non-starch polysaccharides (NSPs), including soluble and insoluble arabinoxylans, in the fibre fraction of plant cell walls as well as reducing digesta viscosity and improving digestibility, nutrient release and feed passage rates.

Increases protein digestibility through hydrolysis of storage and structural proteins, and disrupts interactions of proteins with starch and fibre in the diet.

January 17, 2023
Multi-enzyme solutions for sustainable poultry.:
Maximizing nutrient utilisation and profits.??

1. New multienzyme solution improves feed digestibility, enabling significant reduction in dietary nutrient levels, and increasing nutrient retention. ?

2. Therefore, broilers require less nutrients into feed and less natural resources; nutrient excretion is decreased, and sustainability in poultry industry improved.

3. Diets fed to broilers, and other livestock, contain a considerable number of indigestible fractions.

4. In fact, 20 to 25% of the organic matter is unavailable for absorption in broilers.

5. Nearly 25-30% of feed goes undigested in poultry especially in layer diets also.

a) It has been estimated that 400-450 kcal of digestible energy per kg of feed remains undigested due to the NSP contents present in corn-soybean meal diets (Cowieson, 2010).??

6. This is the substrate or food for bacteria in lower gut, they feed on this. ??

7. This is how microbial population grows fast:

a) Leading to pasty vent,
b) soiled feathers,
c) dirty eggs
d) and wet litter, smell, ammonia, fly menace etc.

8. Multi enzymes target whole feed as one substrate.

9. Enzyme supplementation to the poultry rations has a positive effect on feeds digestibility and leads to better productivity and performance.

10. Moreover, supplemen-tation of commercial enzymes can increase the nutritive value of feed ingredients and diets as well as allow greater flexibility in diet formulation.

Dr V.Rajendra Prasad
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