Poultry veterinarians will gather for update on latest health issues at WVPA Asia Meeting

Published on: 09/07/2016
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On 20-21st October, Asian poultry veterinarians and poultry health scientists will be meeting in Manila, Philippines, to listen to experts from around the world speak about the latest developments in the diagnosis, treatment, management and control of poultry diseases. Diseases being covered include avian influenza, Newcastle disease, coccidiosis, colibacillosis, necrotic enteritis and pasteurello...

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September 7, 2016
Diseases like Avian Influenza and Newcastle disease have been reported by the OIE in certain parts of the world. It is important for the Poultry Vets to give an update of the situation of these two diseases at the conference. It is necessary to encourage the young poultry veterinarians to participate in the conference.
Narayan Banik Narayan Banik
M sc in tropical vet science
September 8, 2016
It is a great opurtunaty for Poulty vets to aquare update knowledge for diagnosis,treatment ,prognosis n control of poultry diseases but those who r unable to attend the meeting how they will improve their knowledge ? I request authorities to supply some important issue by soft copy
September 9, 2016
Try to see if I can participate.
S. M. A. Halim S. M. A. Halim
Deputy General Manager of City Feed Products Limited, City Group, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
September 11, 2016
Please make a program how to control coccidiosis and necrotic enteritis for rearing commercial broiler. Now antibiotics are banded in feed by government. It is good decision but some companies are sold antibiotics to customers by given alternative name. It is a big challenge for human health. Can be possible stop feed grade antibiotics production and sell for rearing commercial broiler and layer.
Dr Saeed Ahmed Laghari Dr Saeed Ahmed Laghari
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
September 11, 2016
Dear SM Haleem.
Nice decision by your Govt for Humen health.
Know we can control the coccidiosis through vaccination and necrotic entritis through management and nuracutical products available in the market.
Chakma Rupen Chakma Rupen
Doctor of veterinary medicine(D.V.M.)
September 11, 2016
Yes, of course very harmfull for public health , antibiotic residual effect in the feed for human consumsion , it's a big challangee to ensure laws, regulation in our country(Bangladesh), because of both producers & consumers are not aware about that , some body still not know the meaning of food safety, so dear sir Mr. Halim we should do more work regarding development of the awareness in the community,
I have a request to mr. Halim , if you have no any bindings pls introduce yourself completely, DGM in where? Dr.Saeed mentioned by vaccination, i agree with him but i would like to add another condition if management allows or management favour the pre-condition of using vaccine, pratically i observed good result .Necrotic enteritis- is the result of clostrodium infection, we know it is soil borne , so i think by improving bio-security it will controll some extend, if already get infected we can think about herbal .
September 11, 2016
As president of WVPA may I confirm the following. two grants have been made available to each of our Asian branches to assist with travel etc re this meeting. Each year we have a young poultry vet award worth $US5000 - 2016 award will be made in Manila - nominations closed. soon WVPA will be announcing a new distance learning facility for poultry vets. Nigel Horrox
September 19, 2016
Dear sir, most of vets are employed by govt or private companies so can it be possible for WVPA to issue formal letter of invitation so that they easily get clearance from their employers to attend WVPA Asia meeting.
Dr.manish sahrawat
Muditha Kodituwakku Muditha Kodituwakku
Veterinary Doctor
September 20, 2016
Actually not only these diseases, we also face a problem of IB. Because some vaccines are not giving full protection for IB. If you all can provide a solution for this it is great
Dr M.Kodituwakku
September 20, 2016

WVPA will gladly issue letters of invitation THAT ARE HONEST. Please do not ask us to certify you are giving a paper, if you are not.

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