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What is the best age to start deworming of chicken and what could be the best frequency of repeat it?
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The correlation between egg weight and hatchability is curviliniar. Small eggs ( below 52gms) with thick shells have higher percentage of late deads and lower hatch. Eggs above 70gms have thinner shells, suffer from higher % of weight loss and lower hatches. The chick weight is generally 2/3rds of egg weight. Chicks loose weight on holding and long distance travel. The minimum weight of eggs for h ...
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This piece is quite exhaustive and highly commendable. Kudos!
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Actually not only these diseases, we also face a problem of IB. Because some vaccines are not giving full protection for IB. If you all can provide a solution for this it is great Dr M.Kodituwakku
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It is a great opurtunaty for Poulty vets to aquare update knowledge for diagnosis,treatment ,prognosis n control of poultry diseases but those who r unable to attend the meeting how they will improve their knowledge ? I request authorities to supply some important issue by soft copy
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Grand parent and parent poultry farms should be free from Pullorum and Fowl Typhoid diseases as well as public health important Salmonella. If you repetedly get positive reactors with whole blood agglutination test (S.Pullorum and Gallinarum) can we use SG9R vaccine for that farm. Is this recommended? If we decided to use this vaccine how long we have to use the vaccine? Or without vaccine can ...
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If you do the antibiotic sensitivity teast then you can choose the best one for this infection. Meanwhile you have to find the serotype of Salmonella. Because pullorum disease shows clinical signs most probably in young ages and fowl typhoid (S.gallinarum) is the disease in adults.
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I need to know whether we have to strictly adhere to the standards of establishing a breeder farm (Open house) when establishing an environmentally controlled house?
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Would you please comment the followings: 1. What is the role of disease spreading by back yard poultry (esp NCD)?2. Can we reduce outbreaks with NCD vaccination to Backyard poultry?3. What could be the storage temparature of NCD vaccine, is it differ with different manufacturer or same for all? Dr.M.Kodituwakku Sri Lanka
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