A Nutritional Approach to the Use of Anticoccidial Vaccines in Broilers: Glutamine Utilization in Critical Stages of Immunity Acquisition

Published on: 12/25/2019
Author/s : F.J. Mussini, S.D. Goodgame, C. Lu, C.D. Bradley, S.M. Fiscus and P.W. Waldroup. / Department of Poultry Science, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, 72701, USA.

INTRODUCTION Coccidiosis is considered one of the most important poultry diseases worldwide due to the economic losses it produces in performance and due to medication usage (Williams, 2002; Dalloul and Lillehoj, 2005). The use of vaccines to prevent coccidiosis has proven to be successful (Lee et al., 2009; Danforth, 1998; Williams and Gobbi, 2002) and is widely used today in the U.S poultry ind...

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December 25, 2019

Dr. Park, I would like to report that a study such as this proves that the reduction of protein in poultry feed may compromise its development by reducing, among other factors, the intake of glutamine., Regarding specific work, I understand that the difference the body weight of birds at 21 and 28 days was not maintained until 42 days, as stated. Note that the weight difference of birds at 28 days was approximately 3%, and significant, while at 42 days this difference, which was not significant, represented approximately 2%. Therefore, this statement cannot fit the conclusion. And with regard to glutamine, I think that in the specific case of birds, due to its demand for the production of uric acid, it should be mentioned that besides improving the immunological aspect, glutamine supplementation could also improve the defense of birds as a possible increase oxidative stress resulting from stimulation of the immune system. This is because uric acid has antioxidant action.

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