Replacement of Synthetic Choline in Poultry Diet

Forum: Replacement of Synthetic Choline in Poultry Diet - The Phytogenic Way

Published on: 09/21/2010
Author/s : C.B Pande and N.M. Durape (Natural Remedies (P) Ltd.)
AbstractPhytogenic alternative (Natchol#) for synthetic choline was evaluated by monitoring the performance of commercial broilers on economic traits, accumulation of liver fat, gross & histopathology of liver. Total 768, day old commercial unisex (male) broiler chicks weighed individually and randomly assigned equally in to 2 treatments with 6 replicates per treatment & 64 chicks per repl...
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Dr Jaydip Mulik Dr Jaydip Mulik
Master Of Veterinary Science & Master of Business Administration
September 21, 2010
Dear Sir,

Your reaseach & case study will bring the revolution in Poultry feed Industry.To achieve the same you & your team has to take much more effort to convey the same upto feed manufactureres.

This study will promote the poultry feed producers to shift from artificial Choline Chloride to Natural Choline chloride.

My best wishes for your further study on matter & hope your results will be applied on field level everywere soon.

Thanks & regards,

Dr Jaydip Mulik(M.V.Sc.DCT)
September 22, 2010
Dear Sir,
Thanks for publishing very nice article for future generation of natural way to poultry feeding

Samir Patel
Biotech Group
Sergio Velez Sergio Velez
Animal Nutritionist
September 22, 2010

Nice article. However with all due resepct I believe you should have had a control group without the choline chloride and the phyto product. Our experience and knowledge reveals that the natural content of ingredients in most cases makes the choline supplemmentation - although common and standard, unneccesary. We have compared diets with and without choline chloride and have found that on farm perrfomnace is not affected. Albeit I do not have histological studies for this type of experiment, only on farm performance. Regardless, the experiment is of value. best regards

Dr.sohail Ahmad Dr.sohail Ahmad
Animal Nutritionist
September 23, 2010

Material wise is a good article. As mention in their research, to replace synthetic
choline with phytogenic product (Natchol#) in broiler diet. Choline, a lipotropic
factor is commonly supplemented in poultry feed as choline chloride.
Today choline is must for birds to convert the energy into fatty acids require more
methyl group. Small quantity of choline is synthesizes by liver and remaining supp-
lemented as a synthetic choline to bridge the gap.
Methyl group donor feed ingredients play an important role in prevention and man-
agement of fatty liver syndrome.Choline is important methyl group donor but it has
to be converted in to betaine before it can donate methyl group. The up take and
convertion of choline is adversely affected due to gut infection, mal absorption, mit-
ochondrial in sufficiency and mycotoxin in the ration.
So phytogenic product will be used due to the limitation of synthetic choline, which
are, being a quaternary base, poor absorption in G.I.,Tract, converted into methyl
amine which is toxic, interacts with ionophores and vitamins,corrosive nature due to
Phytogenic (Natchol) containing citrulus colocynthis as a major component, will be
used in experiment to estimate liver fat percent as well as to study gross and histo-
pathological lessions. The diet with synthetic choline have liver fat 6.12[percent] as comp-
ared to phytogenic 5.815 and also better FCR.
Citrulus is reported to increase the fat mobilization from liver, when the liver is
challanged by CC14 and treated with C. This will be the reason for lower fat [percent]age
in phytogenic and no histopathological lession in liver which is the base of this study.

This is the fact that more study require to establish the result for the repalacement
synthatic choline through phytogenic products.Over all it is a good article.
Ruhul Amin Mondol Ruhul Amin Mondol
Specialist in Animal Nutrition
November 22, 2010

Dear Sir Thanks for your nice Article about the Replacement of Synthetic Choline Chloride in Poultry Diet.

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