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Published on: 03/14/2005
Author/s : MVZ David Sarfati Mizrahi
The Disease. Avian Influenza (AI) is a viral disease that affects waterfowl, and domestic birds, such as chickens and turkeys, caused by an orthomixovirus type A. The disease has different clinical manifestations, from mild infections that frequently pass underdiagnosed, to a highly pathogenic form that causes high mortality, severe drops in egg production and economic losses. A...
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March 14, 2005

Ok, I want to ask you about Avimex vaccines; can you give me remarks about contraindications and precautions to use this vaccine?

Khaled Fadlallah Khaled Fadlallah
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
April 5, 2017
As you said in your article Avimex vaccine when used during outbreaks of HPAI in broiler chicks the flock must have no response to maternal antibodies .So you advise me not to use Avimex with flocks have maternal antibodies.
Kasame Trakullerswilai Kasame Trakullerswilai
Bacheler of Veterinary Medicine
October 2, 2017
why is lowpath applied vaccine less than highpath
Dr. Md. Beplob Hossain(DVM, MS Medicine) Bangladesh Dr. Md. Beplob Hossain(DVM, MS Medicine) Bangladesh
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine(PSTU) & MS Medicine(HSTU)
February 2, 2022
In laying & Pullet birds stage LPAI vaccination schedule followed by after 30 days then again Revaccination or booster vaccine after 30-40 days from 1st Vaccination. Then again vaccination need after 5 months.
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