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Published on: 06/19/2012
Author/s : Sandra Avant (Public Affairs Specialist- Agricultural Research Service - USDA)
In the early 1940´s the first antibiotic— penicillin—was used successfully to treat bacterial infections and to save thousands of lives, including those of wounded World War II soldiers. Today, antibiotics, which target microorganisms like bacteria, fungi, and parasites, are essential for human and animal health. They continue to save lives as well as increase animal production a...
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Dr.Nd.Nurul Amin (Dr.N. Amin) Dr.Nd.Nurul Amin (Dr.N. Amin)
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
June 19, 2012

"Alternatives to Antibiotics in Animal Health" A right article in the right time.

Very desired and an appropriate article of the time demand throughout out the high humid countries; so far I believe. Thanks to the author for such a nice presentation and most practical research .Abuse of different types of antibiotics is rapidly increasing worldwide which ultimately destroying the Dairy,Poultry and other food Animal industry tremendously .We must find out the alternatives of Antibiotics from the natural sources.I personally a Vet practitioner both for poultry and Dairy in Bangladesh and have been engaged in this line for more than 30 years.

Mastitis is a major problem in the dairy cattle in Bangladesh.And I've a lot of better and bitter experience on this regard.

In case of Mastitis- "The early detection and the early intervention" is one of the important tool for getting good result as it is compared to- the on set of a sudden fire in any the house or a snake bite to any individual. How much the time could we kill to take immediate necessary fruitful action from keeping the life or properly saving from the sure damage!!! Equal emphasis have to be given to protect the life of animal and poultry from Mastitis, E.Coli & Salmonella without killing time.And in this regard other than Antibiotics probiotics or any other natural protective tools will be most appropriate.

in case of Poultry industry Natural Iron in water and Cal.Carbonate are being considered to be the most important predisposing factor for entertainment of E.Coli and Salmonella which could be avoided by installing A high productive water treatment plant in the poultry industry " A Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant" incorporated with an ultra-Violet ray machine.Due to content of UV tool no chance of survival of any pathogen passes through the water from the nature.The machine filter will filtrate the impurities like Iron and other water content hard particles as well. And this will ultimately reduce the abuse or misuse of Antibiotics in a remarkable quantity in the poultry industry as well as will enhance the FCR besides the administration of Author's invented Nitro Chlorate compounds.

Again I like to pass my gratitude to the Author for presenting such types of important articles. On the other hand I will humbly ask the author or the reader and scientist explore any article if there is any easy solution for refining the the drinking water from its natural impurities for use in the poultry/dairy industry other than using any chemicals?


Dr.Mohammad Nurul Amin DVM
Principal Scientific Officer
Regional Animal Disease Investigation &
Diagnostic Laboratory,Joypurhat
Dept.of Livestock Services, Bangladesh

Erdinc Ikizoglu Erdinc Ikizoglu
Chemical Engineer
June 19, 2012

We have precipated olive pulp in olive vegetation water with natural minerals such as zeolite and then dried. Antibacterial dilution test (E. Coli) has been applied with the obtained powder. Total bacterial count has been decreased from 10E6 to 10E2 within 15 minutes. The obtained powder includes about 15% organics, as 3% phenolics and 5% saccharides. Is it possible to use it as alternative to antibiotics?

Nadir Alloui Nadir Alloui
Veterinary Doctor
June 20, 2012

Thank you for the article. Indeed antibiotics as growth promoters are misused by manufacturers of animal feed. Despites being banned in some countries, they are still used in other regions. Their evil uses resulting from antimicrobial resistance in animals and indirectly, it also induce problems on human health.
For 20 years, researchers have already determined products that can replace these antibiotics (AGP)
-Phytogenic (phytobiotics)
The use of these products can improve performance of production and animal health.

January 29, 2013

As regards "phytochemicals" or "phytogenics" we have published review articles on essential oils in Flavour & Fragrance Journal 2010 and in British Poultry Sci. generally on phytogenics also 2010. If someone would like to have a pdf don't hesitate to ask at our institutes secretariat:

Prof.em.Chlodwig FRANZ, Vetmeduni Vienna

Dr. Venkatachalam Ramaswamy Dr. Venkatachalam Ramaswamy
Veterinary Doctor
February 17, 2013

The article is more informative to everybody in human or veterinary Medicine. But, I believe the use of Bacteriophages has/ have been practiced in some parts of the world, especially in eastern Europe (Former Communist Countries) and some parts of former USSR. The present article dealt with "endolysins" derived from these phages, but instead, the whole bacteriophages can be used if they are not harmful and I thing they are pathogenic only to the respective bacterium.
This phage treatment can be think of in treating all the bacteria related infections in birds, animals and if proved harmless in them, can be used in humans as well.

February 8, 2015
Dr i like to information about FMD deases to my cow and what kind of drug can be use for pregnant and un pregnant cows.tq
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