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Typhoid in Layers

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Dear Experts,

I have a layer farm of around 4000 birds. Currently, we are facing severe problem of Typhoid in birds. We have tried following medicines with consultation of Doctors,

1. Neflox

From above medicines, we didnt find any fruitful results only little decrement of mortality from this treatment ....What should we do?

Looking forward to your valuable comments...

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Muhammad Durrani Muhammad Durrani
Veterinary Doctor
August 22, 2012

Dear Saleem, as a very first step your emphasis must be on accurate diagnosis,it is very easy to relate the typhoid with any pathological event in the body of a layer bird,it is also very easy to name typhoid for any pathological condition in layer birds,the main issue could remain unaddressed though,check your flock against lice,mites or the presence of any ecto parasites on the breast & beneath feathers,investigate about over heating of the birds due to any cut in water supply during peak hours of drinking,or feeding birds in still high temperatures,some time minor things are overlooked & even accurate diagnosis remains unsuccessful as a
successful prognosis.
over medication also results in more severity & pathogenicity of the disease,high humidity & poor ventilation also contributes towards pyrexia. Anyway you must go for some antipyretic medication like Thympyrine 100ml,dose is 1 ml for2 liters of drinking water + some diuretic like citralka 1 ml for 2 liters of drinking water + syp.jetepar 1 ml for 1 liter of drinking water for 12 hours in morning daily for two consecutive days at least.

Dr. B. Barman Dr. B. Barman
M.V.Sc in Vety Microbilogy, NET
August 23, 2012

Dear Saleem,

I do agree in the above comments of Dr Durrani,

II would also like to suggest the following if this is a case of salmonellosis:

1. In feed use sodium di formate (like "Formi NDF") 2 Kg per MT of feed for 1 month then 1 Kg continiously.
2. Initial 2-3 wk use good blend of Organic acid through water.
3. Adopt strict Rodent control method as rodent will spread the disease.
4. I addition to this you can select one good probiotic for feed which contain Pediococcus acidilacti strain.


Dr. Barman

August 23, 2012

We Have broiler Farm and we are facing the same problem.Temperature and typhoid. What could be the reason for this. We used Kepro NCO which improved the situation a little bit but not completely. Please suggest some easily available and effective medicine in Lahore. Can some one please suggest the treatment for kryza (FLU).

Nadim Amarin Nadim Amarin
Technical and Marketing manager - META Area - United Animal Health
August 27, 2012
Dear Ahmad do you mean by Kryza (Infectious Coryza)?? if yes please vaccinate yuor flock with Volvac AC Plus KV vaccine and give suitable antibiotic like norfloxacin nicotinate
Abdelseed Ahmed Abdelseed Ahmed
September 13, 2012
Mr, Qussar
I prefer you follow restrict sanitary measures in your farm particularly the litter , you have to clean it perfectly , sterilize the floor , change it with a new clean material , use broad spectrum anti biotic ..... you will come to good results ....
Mac Mac
Veterinary Doctor
September 4, 2013
I think you have to use Amoxil for 16 hr rather than kapro.NCO .....pluse use of disprine 1 tab in 2 liter and use of vit C and electrolyts for remaing 8 hr
May 31, 2020
My chicken watery yellowish poo please what I can do
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