Different Criteria for Feed Formulation Based on Digestible Amino Acids for Broilers

Published on: 01/31/2018
Author/s : Araújo L.F. 1, Junqueira O.M. 2, Araújo C.S.S. 2, Laurentiz A.C. 3, Assuena V. 2, Gomes G.A. 1. / 1 Animal Science Department, University of São Paulo (USP), Pirassununga, Brazil; 2 Animal Science Department, FCAV, São Paulo State University, Jaboticabal, Brazil; 3 Animal Science School, São Paulo State University (UNESP), Dracena, Brazil.

INTRODUCTION An important function of animal production is to provide high-quality protein for human consumption. In order to fulfill this role, animals themselves require high-quality protein in correct proportions in their diets. There are many ways to assess the quality of proteins, but nevertheless, they are all related to amino acid supply, which thus becomes a key feature in animal nutriti...

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Sushil Chandra Sushil Chandra
Master in Poultry Nutrition 1975
January 31, 2018
But FCR and weight gain at 42 days are far below
International standard
Now a days with meeting amino acid requirement
One gets around 2000gm bodywt and 1.6 F.C. R at 38 days
These are my personal observations
Dr Chandra
Yunianta Yunianta
Animal Nutritionist
February 21, 2018

Dear Mr. Lucio Araujo
Based on the composition of experimental diets, seen Degussa method is highest of methionine, while the lowest is Rostagno method. My question is: Is the higher DL-Methionine producing the best performance?

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Fred Hoerr
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