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International FACTA Coccidiosis Symposium on October 7th

Published: September 28, 2021
Source : https://eng.simposiococcidiose.casarn.com.br/
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Caring for birds’ health is an essential factor in achieving good production levels. When diseases such as coccidiosis afflict birds, they cause physical losses for the flock and economic losses for producers. Recent estimates show that annual losses amount to about US$ 14,8 billion across global production.
Coccidiosis is a parasitic disease that affects birds’ intestines, mainly causing productivity losses. The disease is caused by the Eimeria protozoan and affects birds’ development, causing diminished nutrient absorption and allowing for the development of other pathologies. Coccidiosis also causes enteritis, a disease that leads to delayed bird development and may be lethal in the more serious cases, such as necrotic enteritis.
To address this theme of great importance for global aviculture, the APINCO Foundation for Poultry Science and Technology (FACTA) will hold the International Coccidiosis Symposium on October 07, 2021, between 8:30 am and 5:30 pm, 100% online.
FACTA: International Coccidiosis Symposium
Even though it is widely known, coccidiosis is not an easy disease to control, considering the possibilities of failures in the utilized programs. A complete control and prevention program that makes use of different strategies is indicated.
In this context, the International Coccidiosis Symposium comes forward as a forum to develop strategies and therefore maintain the level that has been reached after years of scientific and technological development. With this objective, FACTA has put together a wide-ranging technical and scientific program that addresses the issues of producers from Brazil and other poultry meat producing countries.
Through the symposium, specialists from the poultry sector will debate various aspects involved in the poultry chain in regards to coccidiosis control. Other important themes for updating veterinarians and other professionals about the importance of coccidiosis will also be addressed, as well as biosecurity measures and production preventive practices.
Among the debated issues, some highlights are coccidiosis’ effects on microbiota, the role of the intestine in the immune response against coccidia, coccidiosis control, technologies for coccidiosis control, strategies for coccidiosis control and monitoring, among others. The views of the world’s main players will also be reunited in a panel to discuss the subject.
08:30 Opening
Moderator: Eduardo Muniz
08:40 Avian Coccidiosis – recalculating…
Damer Blake – The Royal Veterinary College – UK
09:13 Coccidia’s action in the microbiota
Dr Breno Castello Branco Beirão – UFPR / IMUNOVA
09:46 Corporate Space 1 – Vaxxinova
Biological Control of Coccidiosis in Broiler Chicken
Fábio Vieira
10:06 Debate
Moderators: Eduardo Muniz and Cassiano Bevilaqua
10:21 Break
Moderator: Jorge Werlich
10:24 The role of the intestine in the immune response against coccidia
Luiz Felipe Caron – UFPR / IMUNOVA
10:57 Coccidiosis control – environment
Cassio da Rosa – UFRGS / Avicola Carrer
11:30 Technologies for coccidiosis control
Silvio Hungaro – FACTA, Campinas, SP
12:03 Corporate Space 2 – Elanco
Coccidiosis: Role in the Intestinal Integrity and as predisposing factor for other agents
Jessica Reple
12:23 Debate
Moderators: Jorge Amaral and Anselmo  Micheletti
12:43 Break/Lunch

Moderator: Neyre Shiroma
13:27 Panel: Strategy for Coccidiosis control/control and monitoring (breeders)
13:30 Broiler Breeders
Ricardo Rauber – BRF
14:03 Comercial layers
Cristiane Cantelli – Group Matiqueira
14:36 Corporate Space 3 – MSD Animal Health
Fortegra. Faster protection, superior performance
Fernando Vargas
14:56 Debate
Moderators: Neyre Shiroma and Silvio Hungaro
15:11 Break
Moderator: Gustavo Schaefer
15:21 International Panel: Strategy for Coccidiosis control/control and monitoring (poultry)
15:24 Brazilian Context
Márcio Reolon – Coasul
15:57 USA Context
Elizabeth Dale – Pilgrim’s
16:30 European Context
Maarten De Gussem – Vetworks 
17:00 Debate
Moderators: Gustavo Schaefer and Eduardo Leffer
17:45 Closure
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Eduardo Correa Muniz
Damer Blake
Royal Veterinary College (RVC)
Breno Castello Branco Beirão
Cassiano Marcos Bevilaqua
Jessica Nacarato Reple
Anselmo Micheletti
Neyre Norie Shiroma
Ricardo Hummes Rauber
Fernando Vargas
MSD Perú
Maarten De Gussem
Intestinal Health Scientific Group (IHSIG)
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Shagufta Iqbal
28 de septiembre de 2021
Regards, It gave me an immense pleasure to know that this symposium is going to be online.As I am from India, I do not know the exact time it will start. Kindly let me know if I can join this online. I want to be a part off this webinar. Thanking you in anticipation.
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