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Prevalence of Avian Influenza and its Economic Impact on Poultry Population of Hazara Region Pakistan

Published: April 9, 2013
Introduction Hazara region, an area of 17000 sq km, is northeastern region of KP, Pakistan comprises five districts. Over four million broiler breeder stock is annually reared in this region, in addition to 2.5 million broilers, 0.5 million commercial layers and 3.00 million rural poultry. This region is also rich in wild fauna and also lies on the route of migratory birds speci...
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Dr Muhammad Ayaz
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Dr Muhammad Ayaz
17 de abril de 2013

I would like to open this topic to every fellow to comment and suggest improvement in evaluating economic loss inflicted by different HPAI types. Pakistan is one of the country adapting strain specific vaccination against Influenza viruses in chicken production operations. Moreover role of migrating birds is also due to be discussed in detail. I am here to share experience of Pakistan. I would request to open a specific portal for influenza to share the news in different countries and would like to called upon the pratices of colleagues like experience of culling and disposal of HPAI specially with space facilities.

Dr Zohaib Alam
23 de julio de 2013
Can we use Amantadine to treat AIV..???
Dr Muhammad Ayaz
24 de julio de 2013
Dr Zohaib. thanks for the observation. Influenza viruses are generally sensitive to Amantadine but at the same time these had been found develop rapid resistance to this compound. But the question is should it be used in chicken production? My reply would be NO. ayaz
Dr Zohaib Alam
26 de julio de 2013
so sir what could be the treatment of H9 virus...???
Dr Muhammad Ayaz
31 de julio de 2013
preventive and containment measures.
Asad Qureshi
17 de agosto de 2013
Alternative medicines can be used in AIV. They give good results.
Muzaffar Shah
3 de abril de 2014
Hi,I am Muzaffar Shah, living in Connecticut USA and planing to start a poultry Business in GILGIT Northern Areas of Pakistan.Would like to get some help and suggestions/Recmondations from you Experts on how to start.Thanks in advance for all the help.
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