Optimizing calcium and phosphorus absorption and utilization in poultry: A new approach

Published on: 5/15/2019
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Vitamins and minerals are the key ingredients of the poultry ration and their role in normal body functions, growth, and reproduction is well known. Their supplementation in ration has given utmost importance but their extent of absorption and utilization by the birds are not of much concern. Therefore, we must also focus on the absorption and utilization of the supplied nutrients by the bird. The Philosophy behind is “focus on modulating the functioning organ system and immunity for better utilization of dosed nutrients. In that context, the herbal components have proven their efficacy. Herbal ingredients when incorporated into the feed give specific health benefit moreover nutritional effect.

Some herbs like Cissus quadrangularis, Uraria picta and Lepidium sativum, which has been scientifically proven to increase the absorption and utilization of dietary calcium and phosphorus and helps in the mobilization of calcium. Ayucal D Premix contains the above-mentioned herbal constituents and the presented herbs working in synergy with chemical elements to improve their absorption and utilization during post-peak production.

Ayucal D is recommended for:

  • Calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D3 deficiency in birds
  • Supplementation during high demand periods like high egg production in layers and growth and weight gain in broilers.
  • Better egg shell strength and to reduce egg breakages
  • Improve carcass and meat quality.

The efficacy of the Ayucal D is also supported by various publication based on its research validation. A published validation report is presented to highlighting the efficacy of Ayucal in improving growth and meat quality in broiler chicken.

The result shows that the body weight gain, FCR, Dressing percentage and water holding capacity in the group B and C birds is significantly better than the control group. Ayucal shows its efficacy in improving the important parameters like body weight gain, FCR, meat quality parameters of chicken as compare to the control group

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Based on Report - Potentiating activity of herbs along with calcium and phosphorous to improve the meat quality parameters in broilers. International Journal of Science, Environment and Technology. 2016, 1066 - 1074 BY Pradeep et al

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