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Lumance® Broiler Experiment Results USA - April 2018

Published on: 7/26/2018
Author/s : Innovad

Lumance® Poultry Experiments – Southeast USA

  • This large scale evaluation (7.3 millions birds) was carried out from February 2018- April 21 2018 in the context of Non Antibiotic Ever (NAE) raised bird program.
  • The USA complex had been using a combination 
  • Calcium butyrate product (Kemin)
  • Probiotic (Novus)
  • Natural anticoccidial (Phibro)
  • The main purpose was to evaluate the ability of Lumance® to replace all 3 products, control necrotic enteritis and keep performance.
  • Lumance® was dosed 3 lbs /t (starter) , 2 lbs/t grower , 1 lb/t (finisher)
  • Age sold : 36 days . Placement density : 69 birds.
  • No other additives used, No ionophore coccidiostat, Just Amprol used to control coccidiosis
  • Feed Conversion ratio 1.69
  • Average Weight gain 4.52 lbs 
  • Livability 95.93 %
  • Daily weight gain 55.8 gr


Lumance® Successfully

  • Helps control necrotic enteritis 
  • Replaces all other additives, medication and growth promoters
  • NO necrotic enteritis found in the Lumance® group
  • Lumance® is a valid tool to be used in starter, grower and finisher diet to ensure top performance, feed conversion and keep necrotic enteritis under control
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