Can we substitute avilamycin by a non medicated solution in broiler production ?

Published on: 10/19/2012
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Antibiotics have been used for decades in broiler chicken production for their gut microflora regulation effect, resulting in growth promotion. Governments and consumers are more and more aware of damageable consequences of in routine use of antibiotics and as a consequence, there is a growing need for farmers to find alternatives without loosing profitability. In this context, a patented activated clay, commercially named B-Safe, was compared to avilamycin in a field study. 

Material and methods


The following data were registered :

- global feed intake, final body weight, feed conversion ratio, mortality
- intestinal integrity at 28 and 35 days of age (HTSI methodology-Elanco).




Regarding intestinal integrity, avilamycin and B-Safe groups were very similar ; they respectively obtained a score of 86.6 and 86.0 at 28 days and of 89.2 and 89.2 at 35 days.

Mortality was similar between avilamycin and B-Safe groups, respectively 4.8% and 4.5%. Animals receiving B-Safe consumed a little less feed (- 1.8%) but had a slightly better growth (+1.3%) because of a better feed conversion (- 2.9%) compared to animals receiving avilamycin. 


In the conditions of this large-scale study, B-Safe enabled similar or slightly better zootechnical performances and intestinal integrity than avilamycin. Moreover profitability was even improved for the integrator (+0.016€/bird). As a consequence, B-Safe can be considered as a promising alternative to avilamycin for broiler production.

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