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Discussion created on 02/22/2017

Weight of piglets.

A question to those who deal with pigs, do you think what really influences the weight of piglets at birth?
Each account is welcome .... Thank you.

Marco Baroni
Agro Technician
Re: Weight of piglets.
14/05/2017 |

Yes, the weight of a newborn piglets is a very important, the weight need to be above 1.3 kg

Marco Baroni
Agro Technician
Re: Weight of piglets.
14/05/2017 | I know weight is important, but my question is what do you do to influence weight at birth? Example different feeding depending on the stage of pregnancy, addition of special additives, or other.
Not a personal advertisement, but work arguments.
Thank you
Re: Weight of piglets.
14/05/2017 |

Feed plan for sows 4 weeks before expected farrowing

4,5 kg a day gilts 3,8 kg.

the last 24 hours before expected farrowing until the farrow give them 1.5 kg a day and also give them a 250 ml of sun flower oil a day, its make them to empty there system

be very careful the sows is not full of feed when they farrow

under farrowing

give fresh water in the feed bowl every 2 hours, and arm check the sows every 30 min

feed after farrowing

no feed the first 24 hours counted from they give you the last pig

then you give them 1,5 kg of feed on day 2

on day 3 you give them 2,2 kg

on day 4 you give them 2,8 kg

on day 5 you give them 3,5 kg

on day 6 they need all what they can eat, so that on day 12 day will eat 10 kg a day

if you have a sow who dont want to eat

take 1 kg of piglet feed and take 1 kg of fish mill and take 1 kg of sugar, mix it all together

and then you give her a hand full if she eat it then try to give her more

a sow who begin to get mastitis, move her piglets to another sow, then you add 6 or 7 kg pigs to this sow who have mastitis, but be care full they do not start to eat the tits

hope its helpful

Marco Baroni
Agro Technician
Re: Weight of piglets.
15/05/2017 | I use a very similar food plan, but at 5 days before delivery, I administer a specific perennial feed, up to 2 days after delivery, the goal is a better passage from feeding feed to lactation and enriching the production of colostrum.
The day of birth, fasting, and forced colostrum to smaller pigs, if they also need breastfeeding (see video).
After similar planes up to 10 days, then ad libitum, until late lactation.

Re: Weight of piglets.
15/05/2017 | How Manu days are your sows preagnant ?
What are The litter size ?
What are the average kg each live born
What breed are you using and where is it from ?
Do you have any mummies under farrowing?
What are the size on your sow farm
Marco Baroni
Agro Technician
Re: Weight of piglets.
15/05/2017 | Have 115.4 days of average gestation
12, 2 born alive
2.37 births / sow year
Average weight at birth 1,103 kg.
Breed large white pure
A few mummies and not always small periods throughout the year
1000 sows, the production of heavy pigs for Parma ham
Final pigs crossed with Duroc
I look forward to other ideas on how to increase weight at birth

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