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The separator is an excellent tool, the centrifuge even more ( allows you to have a good liquid fraction for fertigation and a solid part as soil improver.
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I checked the site is this: Try also to find it on the site: I do not understand I have no problems finding it. good work and good luck.
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I was inspired by this research and found interesting benefits as I wrote in a previous post.
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Thank you sir. Desrues, I am very interested in the use of tannins and the various uses that can be made, even non-food use example quebracho tree tannins, for controlling and productions of compounds that cause manure odors, including hydrogen sulphide. I've read the studies ARS (USDA) scientists research and I hope the results obtained in vitro can be replicated in breeding.
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I use the tannins topic to ask a question: I have read that hydrolysed tannins can have an inhibitory effect on the total activity of the blind bacteria, an interesting aspect because this reduction could result in a lower microbial synthesis of cannula and indole, which is responsible for the smell of vermin intestinal tract of whole male pigs. Do you have any experiences or studies that can conf ...
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According to my experience, it is necessary to focus on the role of many risk factors such as feed structure, disease in breeding, and stress factors, in addition to the price of Vitamin E. With the increase in Vitamin E price, we integrate less and we have ulcer problems. When we have high respiratory problems, ulcers are increasing. If we do not administer material such as straw, wood chips or a ...
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We need to keep the producers well informed, so as not to be discouraged if we cover long lists, the risk is to overwhelm the producers and they will not do anything. Focus well on risk events, clear rules, and maximum attention to the potential entry of pathogens. Studying the right company strategy to find out the critical points that can make pathogens enter, the general recommendations are the ...
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I have a question? : The stability of fatty acids may alter the quality of the pig meat that has undergone working. As antioxidants in pig meals, is it better to supplement omega 3 (extruded linseed) or a selenium supplement + Vitamin E? What's more about meat quality traits (Ph,color, drip loss) and conversion index? Thanks.
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Have described that the vet is the guardian of biosecurity, but be careful because he or she becomes a visitor, and therefore a major risk factor for our breeds, especially when one day they visit different herds. So also the veterinarian must follow a rigorous biosecurity protocol. The breeder must be the greatest guarantor of his breeding.
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Everyone involved in the breeding, managers, breeders, employees who has behavior, routine communication and a common sense should be understood that the rules and procedures of biosecurity can be easily maintained on the farm, the rules and The procedures that are being implemented to protect the health of our herds and to prevent the entry of diseases into our company. These rules and procedures ...
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