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"Variation In Market Hog Weights"

“Variation In Market Hog Weights”
By: Paul Walker Thompson
Date: June 10, 2016

Upon reading an article on Efficiency in Hog Production, it dawned on me that getting most of your Market Hogs in a Group to be Uniform in weight is not very probable in the near future. I believe that until we get the Genetics that produce Uniform Piglet Birth Weights, we will never have the luxury of Uniform Market Hog Groups. We will never have Uniform Piglet Birthweights until we can control the sow’s uterus to nourish all of the fetal pigs to the same degree. We will also have to select sows that milk as well in rear teats, as in the front. Until then, we will have to keep “Topping off Pens” by selling the heaviest hogs out of a pen earlier than the rest. We will have to keep sorting pigs according to size, and gender, when placing them in the Finishing Barn.

(1) DeRouchey, Joel and Mike Tokach National Hog Farmer April 15, 2008
“Consistent, Targeted Nutrition Improves Efficiency”

May God Bless You Always in the Name of Jesus!
Paul Walker Thompson

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June 28, 2016
one part of the variation in growth to market weight is due to birth weight -- even if pigs had the same birth weight. over 80 % of the variation in later BW's (160 to 180 days of age) - would exist both due to variation in genetic potential (within and across litters) and random environmental variance.
June 28, 2016
Paul Walker Thompson - I like your closing May God Bless You Always in the Name of Jesus. I close all my letters with Wishing You God's Best.
It is true that with the larger litters we are seeing,13-14 in the US and 14 to 16 in Europe, that the birth weights are decreased, there are more small pigs, and there is more variation in the piglets.
I am the creator of Birthright Baby Pig Milk. I believe it is possible to make piglets more uniform at weaning and at finish by targeting the bottom 30% of the piglets by weight with supplementation of Birthright Milk.
We have just brought out a Birthright Moveable Cup System which can target individual litters. Milk cups can be moved to the litters of small pigs by weight when the milk system is in operation. Most producers do not want to feed every litter milk. Now they can easily move the milk cups to the litters that need it. They can also control milk costs by setting the number of milk cups which can be used in each farrowing room. Milk cups can be removed for easy cleaning.

Wishing You God's Best,

John L Vignes
Advanced Birthright Nutrition
June 28, 2016
we have found both birth weight and weaning weight to be important factors for later BW's and also the ADG the first two weeks after weaning. Products that can increase the weaning weights of the lighter pigs will decrease the variation in later BW's. IN several data sets were have seen increased variation in birth weight as the total number born increased.
Joe Crenshaw Joe Crenshaw
Senior Director of Technical Services
APC Inc. APC Inc.
Ankeny, Iowa, United States
June 29, 2016
we have found in our past research that pig feed supplemented with 4-6% spray dried plasma for at least the initial two weeks after weaning was effective for not only improving pig growth performance during the stressful post-weaning period but also improving body weight and reducing body weight variation at the end of the nursery period
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