Advantages of antibiogram

The facts about Antibiogram

Published on: 07/11/2009
Author/s : Dr Yonatan Segal
What is an antibiogram? An antibiogram is a laboratory test used to determine the sensitivity pattern of a given microorganism to a range of antibiotics. The advantages of antibiogram use and the techniques involved in running these tests are well known. I would like to point out a few details regarding the management and interpretation of these tests and how they are used in conjunction with pou...
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Igwe Eddy Igwe Eddy
clinical pharmacist
July 11, 2009

The understanding and application of antibiogram in aquaculture in particular is of great importance for every fish farmer. The fish culture pond is just a microscopic part of the larger ecosystem. The lack of understanding and application of the antibiogram leads to abuse and misuse of antibiotics and other anti infective agents. The end effect is the proliferation of antibiotic resistant organisms. This results in higher costs of treatment of microbial infections in man and cultured fish.
In Nigeria most fish farmers use antibiotics irrationally and at inadequate dosing. I wish every fish farmer will read this article on ANTIBIOGRAM and apply its principle in the farm.
Thanks for the good job.
Dr Igwe U Eddy

November 18, 2014
what is the importance of antibiograms in pet animal practice ?
Segal Segal
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
November 18, 2014
Antibiogram is important for pets as for any other species including humans. It would ensure the selection of the most effective drug to be applied against the bacteria involved. It will ensure the shortest, most cost effective therapy and with minimum risk of the development of antibiotic resistance.
August 2, 2016

A few years ago I designed and developed an antibiogram report for a hospital in Florida. I was wondering if there is a market for antibiogram reports that could display on a tablet or smartphone. It would be web-based and the reports would be created by allowing medical facilities to send their antibiotics and pathogen data to me.

Just wondering if this is a good idea at this point.


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