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Advising to commercial poultry companies on diseases prevention and control through the design and implementation of an effective biosecurity and vaccination programms. I train companys personnel about all activities related to poultry health, production & management.
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
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Dear Mohammad Please note that to all your questions there is no right or wrong answer. Any vaccination program should be designed based on the your flock's geographical location and the prevalent disease agent/s in the area. the available vaccine/s in your area, and Its also important to understand the immune status (passive and active) of your birds. Based on these assumptions, for your first q ...
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Antibiogram is important for pets as for any other species including humans. It would ensure the selection of the most effective drug to be applied against the bacteria involved. It will ensure the shortest, most cost effective therapy and with minimum risk of the development of antibiotic resistance.
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Hi Jerry I love your reference to FAO as " Foreign Agricultural Organization (FAO) of the United Nations" It is actually Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN. Thanks for the good paper.
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Dear Dr Nadir Alloui thanks for your comment, This article had been written few year back and probably an updated version is required, especially in the area of vaccination program, as new vector vaccines for in ovo or at day old are now widely available. Cheers Yoni
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Dear Dr O S Alo Selenium might assist the immune response, but you should be careful on dosage, as its might be toxic in high doses.
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Dear Farrell Magtoto and Kiran Kumar, The classic strains of Gumboro disease can be very mild, when infect older birds (over 6 weeks) or partially protected birds by maternal immunity, they cause sub-clinical infection, means no obvious clinical or pathological symptoms, but you might notice slower growth rate, poor FCR, etc which would cause economical implication. Cheers Yoni Sega
Article published the June 29, 2009
What is an antibiogram? An antibiogram is a laboratory test used to determine the sensitivity pattern of a given microorganism to a range of antibiotics. The advantages of antibiogram use and the techniques involved in running these tests are well known. I would like to point out a few details regarding the management and interpretation of these tests and how they are used in conjunction with pou ...
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Mycotoxins are critical in tropical countries, as the hot and humid climate encourage the production of mycotoxins. Immune-suppressed birds due to mycotoxins would not develop immunity following vaccination therefore remain susceptible to common viral infections like ND and IBDV or bacterial infection like E.Coli.
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Thanks for the clear and useful paper about composting. Composting is a very safe method for the disposal of dead chickens, the high temperature produced during the composting process would destroy all viruses, bacteria and parasites. The daily mortalities can also be composted in a rotating barrel that will maintain regular supply of Oxygen to the mixture. In house composting has been proved as ...
Article published the March 30, 2009
Gumboro Disease or Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD) is one of the most common diseases of commercial poultry in Asia. In the clinical acute form (vvIBDV), the disease causes significant economic losses due to mortality, reduced performance and immunosupression that lead to increased susceptibility to other diseases. The IBD virus is extremely resistant to environmental conditions and chemicals. The ...
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