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The article is an interesting one and those of in the developing countries will like to know the secret of the success of aquaculture in Americas. In Nigera what we have is high rate of mobility of fish farmers in and out of the Industry.Every so often new farmers invest in aquqaculture with high hopes of making a living out of the business but the story changes after one or two harvests characte ...
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The article on dietary acidifiers is very interesting and encouraging . I have been using calcium propionate as preservative without knowing this additional dietary benefits . I am now going to consolidate without fear. Thanks Dr Igwe U Eddy
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Good article about Distiller's grains. DDGS with antibiotics may be a blessing in disguise to 3rd world countries when feeding costs are considered but the consequence on the over all human health implications may be too expensive to bear.The development of antibiotic resistant strains of organism is one of the major challenges to health and chemotherapy.  Dr Igwe U Eddy
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The understanding and application of antibiogram in aquaculture in particular is of great importance for every fish farmer. The fish culture pond is just a microscopic part of the larger ecosystem. The lack of understanding and application of the antibiogram leads to abuse and misuse of antibiotics and other anti infective agents. The end effect is the proliferation of antibiotic resistant organis ...
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Dear sir, Good article about cheap fish food. I am delighted to read about this discovery. It is of particular interest to me in four ways: 1: I am a catfish farmer and consultant to many other farmers in Nigeria where high cost of feeding has dealt heavy losses to farmers and consequential quitting from catfish farming by many farmers in my locality. 2: I have been working on a similar project ...
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Dear Sir, This research is of particular benefit to developing countries where the cost of feeding the fish is the major limiting factor to aquacultures developement in Nigeria and other developing countries. The research should have included the cost of the spent grain per ton so that appropriate comparative analysis should be arrived at before concluding its economic and nutrional advantage. T ...
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Dear Sir, The nutritional and therapeutic benefits of mushroom demand that its cultivation should be encouraged globally. I am therefore asking for informations that will enable me to start and promote mushroom farming in Nigeria which is currently unpopular. I welcome suggestions and technical assistance or parnership in this area. Nigeria has a big unexploited market potential for mushroom. T ...
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Dear sir, It is true that wild fish taste better than farm grown ones. Taste of fish is a function of age and the ingredients that made up its feed. Fast grown fish have poor taste which is typical of cultured fish while slowly grown ones have a better taste. I did a little research whereby I combined natural feeding process with artificial feeding, which resulted in delayed growth, but gave a ...
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Dear editor, I sent in an article on the improved extruding machine which would be of great benefit for floating catfish feed for developing nations but you did not publish it. Let me know the criteria for publishing an article. Thanks. Dr Igwe Eddy
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