Stalosan reduces mortality significantly in the farrowing unit

Published on: 03/17/2017
Author/s : By Group R&D Director Hans Aae, DLG

The newborn piglet is challenged in many ways. It has to keep warm, find food and keep bacteria away. These particular challenges are the reason why piglets are not surviving or getting off to a bad start. Stalosan F dries the piglet and reduces the harmful bacteria and therefore a strategic use around birth is worth trying.  The skin as barrier Stalosan F has a pH level around 4 corr...

March 17, 2017
How is it administered on the piglets?
Marco Baroni Marco Baroni
Agro Technician
March 22, 2017
Mr. A. Tugbiyele I'm a user of Stalosan f on my farm, I use it with the fan at the doses recommended by the firm:

Dosage instructions with blower

The F Stalosan recommended dose is 50 g / m2 (one pound per 100 sq. Feet)

During the blowing of Stalosan F, all ventilation systems Should be switched off. (If the area is 100 m2, for instance, 5 kg Stalosan F Should be used).
Weigh the amount of Stalosan F required in a bucket. (However, a maximum of 5 kg Stalosan F is recommended for blowing each session two to the blower's range.)
Position yourself Securely, holding the machine in your left or right hand. (The blower is designed for one-handed operation).
Place the blower with the suction pipe in the bucket containing Stalosan F. Do not completely cover the mouth of the pipe with Stalosan F.
During the blowing of Stalosan F, point the blower exhaust up (at 15 ° - 45 ° angle off the ground) and move it from side to side. (This method maximises the dispersion and distribution of Stalosan F. Dispersion experiments indicated That the Stalosan F blowing range is about 100 m2from a single position. The blowing takes 1-1½ minutes. Normally the blower can spread up to 8 kg per minute Stalosan F .)
If the animal housing area is larger than 100 m2, divided up the area and select multiple locations blowing. (For instance, a surface area of ??500 m2 requires 5 Placed strategically blowing points.)
To maintain the desired effect, blow out Stalosan once a week.
After blowing, run the blower until it has blown out all the Stalosan F contents.
I hope this helps and good luck
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Jon Bergstrom
Jon Bergstrom
Swine Nutrition & Production, Ph.D.
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Stalosan F is an alternative and unique way to improve sanitation standards...