Article published the December 13, 2016
The newborn piglet is challenged in many ways. It has to keep warm, find food and keep bacteria away. These particular challenges are the reason why piglets are not surviving or getting off to a bad start.Stalosan F dries the piglet and reduces the harmful bacteria and therefore a strategic use around birth is worth trying. The skin as barrierStalosan F has a pH level around 4 correspond ...
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Article published the May 26, 2011
In a time with very high feedstuff prices it is extremely relevant to focus on the possibilities rendered by a better feed conversion. If the feed efficiency is increased by 0.1 per kg gain it results in app. 2 Euros extra in gross margin for one finishing pig It is obvious that slaughter pig production is an area, in which a better feed economy provides the most apparent effec ...
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Article published the April 15, 2011
Lameness among sows may be and must be regarded as a loss-making disease. Lameness is not a common state for sows, and several international studies indicate losses due to lameness amounting to 50 - 100 Euros per sow. According to professor John Deen, University of Minnesota,  loose sows increase the risk of lameness by a factor 25; this will consequently increase the lameness probl ...
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Article published the April 11, 2011
The high-yielding sow faces many challenges in order to secure that as many piglets as possible are weaned at a satisfactory weaning weight.● A large number of foetuses may result in prolonged farrowing● Many and large piglets may result in skinny sowsProlonged farrowingsIncreasing litter sizes prolong the time of farrowing. A good and problem-free farrowing is among other th ...
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