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“Variation In Market Hog Weights” By: Paul Walker Thompson Date: June 10, 2016 Upon reading an article on Efficiency in Hog Production, it dawned on me that getting most of your Market Hogs ...
Last comment: June 29, 2016
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Last comment: May 30, 2012
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Disease Prevention Through Biosecurity” By: Paul Walker Thompson March 13, 2016 Biosecurity is a big buzz word these days in the Hog Industry, and is of huge importance to the well-being...
Last comment: July 29, 2017
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I have a 40 acre farm in Ghana, West Africa which I am plannig of turning into a PIG production enterprise. I am actively seeking professional recommendations as how to commence the project on a indus...
Last comment: July 18, 2017
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Last comment: June 22, 2017
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Last comment: August 26, 2011
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Gaining popularity in Western Europe, but apparantly already used for many years in the U.S. is the use of automated systems for milk supplementation to suckling piglets in the farrowing room. I would...
Last comment: January 31, 2011
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What factors contribute to low lactation feed intake the first week post farrowing? What can be done to improve this condition?...
Last comment: August 27, 2010
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Im impressed of this website and I hope i would be able to get assistance as soon as possible. Im working as a Community Development Practitioner and im supposed to assist a piggery project with a bus...
Last comment: May 5, 2017
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“Swine Antibiotic Use” By: Paul Walker Thompson Date: 5/27/2016 Though it has been proven that most Human Antibiotic Resistance is due to Human Doctors, not Swine Production; Swine Antibio...
Last comment: July 8, 2016
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Last comment: January 13, 2015
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Last comment: September 20, 2012
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How important is adding phosphate to the diets of pigs? Do they not get some of this out of the soil if free range? If free range then the farmer may have applied it at each cropping period and surely...
Last comment: September 11, 2012
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Since pigs are mammals, is it good to feed them with fruits and if it is, what fruits and how do we go about this?...
Last comment: May 22, 2012
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Last comment: May 7, 2012
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Hi everybody, I have started raising pigs and I would like to make my own feed since I have maize, sorghum, soya and wheat bran. I´m new in this. I have 6 sows and 1 boar. Any advice?...
Last comment: December 24, 2011
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Hello, I’m discussing with my colleagues at the Pork Institute which is the best feeding strategy for piglets, from birth to reproduction. Your opinions will be taken into consideration in our s...
Last comment: May 5, 2011
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The genetic improvement has decreased drastically the synthesis and milk production in lactating sows; the technicians have had to resort to the use of replacement milk to piglets during lactation. Th...
Last comment: May 5, 2011
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Mavromichalis et al, 2001, showed that piglets use sucrose as efficiently as lactose, this had been shown by other studies (Jin et al, 1998 and Lee et al 2000). Molasses is a byproduct of the extract...
Last comment: April 21, 2011
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I would like to have a proper “homemade” diet to be made based on products I can get easily in my area. I have just a few pigs. Is it bad to feed them with discarded vegetables from the fa...
Last comment: March 21, 2011
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