Impact of birth weight and daily weight gain during suckling on the weight gain of weaning piglets

Published on: 01/14/2022
Author/s : D. Surek 1, L.M. Almeida 1, J.C. Panisson 1, E.L. Krabbe 3, S.G. Oliveira 2, G.C. Alberton 2, A. Maiorka 2 /1 Programa de pós-graduação - Universidade Federal do Paraná - Curitiba, PR; 2 Universidade Federal do Paraná - Curitiba, PR; 3 Centro Nacional de Pesquisa em Suínos e Aves - Concórdia, SC.

INTRODUCTIONSeveral factors influence piglet performance after birth. In general, pig producers aim at heavy birth and weaning weights because they are associated with better performance during subsequent rearing phases. This association was first described in the 1980s by Powell and Aberle (1980) and has been recently studied and discussed in the literature. However, Surek et al. (2014), wor...

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Young Chul Jung Young Chul Jung
January 14, 2022

It is very nicely designed experiment study.

The pig's weight at birth is getting important since sow's littersize is getting larger due to genetics for hyper prolific lines.

The relationship between littersize and birth weght is that one more pigs of litter reduces 20g of birth weight.

However, the heritabilty of birth weight is fairly high, since it is as growth trait, during prenatal period.

We can select gilts producing heavier piglets at birth by genetic selection, especially genomic selection can be utilized successfully.

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