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Dr. John Mabry's presentation for pig breeding systems can be applied by farmers is very practical and comprehensive information. Thanks to his long dedicated service in the swine industry to improve genetics of pigs to all over the countries include China, Korea, Thailand, and USA.
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There are several different genetic technologies that have been used to improve trait performance for pig farmers. Some examples would include: a) Terminal Cross Mating System: this is simply using a crossbred female composed of breeds that are best for reproduction as the maternal line animals. The most common examples are the use of a Landrace/Large White F1 female as the parent female. This all ...
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It is very nicely designed experiment study.The pig's weight at birth is getting important since sow's littersize is getting larger due to genetics for hyper prolific lines.The relationship between littersize and birth weght is that one more pigs of litter reduces 20g of birth weight.However, the heritabilty of birth weight is fairly high, since it is as growth trait, during prenatal period. We ca ...
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IntroductionPorcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) is the most relevant infectious disease in the swine industry. PRRS virus (PRRSv) live inoculation has been used to stabilize and even eliminate PRRS in positively confirmed farms. Batch farrowing is a production system used to maximize productivity and could be used to interrupt disease transmission in susceptible populations. This ...
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IntroductionEnergy is the most expensive component in swine diets, and record high feed costs in recent years have caused nutritionists to focus on optimizing caloric efficiency of feed ingredients used in commercial feeds. As a result, nutritionists need comprehensive, accurate, meaningful, and standardized analytical methods to quantify lipid peroxidation in feed ingredients before they will be ...
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IntroductionThe fertility results of pig artificial insemination (AI) in The Netherlands are considered to be one of the highest worldwide. More than 98% of the sows in The Netherlands is mated through AI. Sow farmers put great trust in AI and are fully depending on the quality of the product. The Dutch cooperative pig AI centers put large efforts in producing high quality insemination doses as fa ...
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