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We are trying to utilize abundant coffee distillers by processing, for example, fermenting process, to feed pigs. Anyone who has experience feeding coffee distillers to pigs, please share the experience.
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Yes, I do.
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IntroductionEnergy is the most expensive component in swine diets, and record high feed costs in recent years have caused nutritionists to focus on optimizing caloric efficiency of feed ingredients used in commercial feeds. As a result, nutritionists need comprehensive, accurate, meaningful, and standardized analytical methods to quantify lipid peroxidation in feed ingredients before they will be ...
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IntroductionThe fertility results of pig artificial insemination (AI) in The Netherlands are considered to be one of the highest worldwide. More than 98% of the sows in The Netherlands is mated through AI. Sow farmers put great trust in AI and are fully depending on the quality of the product. The Dutch cooperative pig AI centers put large efforts in producing high quality insemination doses as fa ...
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