Decreasing Medicated Feed Additives and Improving Gut Health in Different Species with Microencapsulation

Published on: 01/10/2020
Author/s : Dr. Winston Samuels. Dr. Wayne Greene.

Introduction Since the mid-20th century, the livestock and poultry industries have seen advances in several areas including nutrition, genetics, engineering, veterinary medicine, and management, all of which have enhanced feed efficiency, growth performance, and meat yield. Recently, there has been a clamor of calls from industries to focus more on how animal agriculture affects the environment ...

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Kb Bohara Kb Bohara
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
January 10, 2020
Chronic gastrointestinal disorders have been seen as one of the biggest emerging public health problem in all societies around the world.This seems a most complex health problem with so many factors are considered as to be responsible causes. So many types of system of medicines for example Ayurvedic,Allopathic Functional medicine etc practitioners working hard and trying to be best effective to solve same burning public health problem of today but with limited or no satisfactory solutions. All public health authorities bleve that the situation generated by the change in lifestyles,food habits and bad quality of foods.
I personally believe that Gut health problems in animals is eleven more complex than a human beings . If we really want animal protein to be continued by the future generations there is need for reshaping global animal protein industry following strictly the rules of nature so that the soil,water and air we use for food production are optimally clean and the food and feed we produce is safe for consumers.
Khaled Fadlallah Khaled Fadlallah
Bsc in veterinary medicine
February 8, 2020
very good
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Jon Bergstrom
Jon Bergstrom
Swine Nutrition & Production, Ph.D.
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