Porcine epidemic diarrhea problem solver - Muco-defen

Published on: 2/24/2021
Author/s : Life Rainbow Biotech

Porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV) is a member of the genera Alphacoronavirus in the family Coronaviridae causes newborn and weaning piglets serious diarrhea, vomiting, dehydration, and high mortality. Moreover, PEDV infection also causes severe perturbations of gut microbiota and reduces probiotic bacterial abundance. Therefore, effective protective products against PEDV infection are needed.

In the pig farm, sows are the major economic resource, which runs the entire farm's profit and production. Hence, the performance of the sows is always a famous topic. Newborn piglets are more sensitive to inter and external environmental changes than other ages of the pigs, such as growing pigs or finishing pigs. Therefore, during the nursing and weaning stage, piglets face a series of physiological and psychological pressure such as feed changes, organ development, housing change, etc.

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Muco-defen® consists of surfactin through patent solid-state fermentation, specially designed as an antibacterial substance from Bacillus sp. (FMN-68, FMN-151) for livestock to create an optimal environment for guts microbiota and help inhibiting the pathogens colonization. Surfactin is a kind of biosurfactant, and it is composed of amphiphile compounds which contain both hydrophobic and hydrophilic group within the molecule. The amphiphile feature of surfactin can change the virus envelope structure; prevent the fusion of the virus and the target cell membrane.

Muco-defen® was proven through in vivo trial on the weaning piglets and founded that Muco-defen® showed its effectiveness by improving the feces formations also reduce diarrhea caused by PED. Besides in vivo trial, Life Rainbow also tested Muco-defen® in various farm trial, we observed that Muco-defen® could shorten the course of the PED and the occurrence of diarrhea. In addition, we also founded that Muco-defen® could improve pigs' performance by helping them gain weight. As a consequence, Muco-defen® can help animals to relieve unwellness also maintain their digestion and absorption functions.

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Muco-defen® is formulated with a goal to replace antibiotics used as gr...