An antibiotic free solution to resolve Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea, PED

Published on: 5/29/2020
Author/s : Life Rainbow Biotech

In 2013, Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea (PED) a serious disease was an outbreak in Taiwan, resulting in a high mortality rate of born piglets. Nowadays, PED has become a common disease in the pig farm, causes sows reproductive problem and bad rearing piglet result. Although the weaning pig mortality rate caused by the repeatedly outbreak of the PED is lower than the first infection, but it still caused 20-30% of the mortality. Also, it causes serious diarrhea in gestation sows and farrowing sows.

PED is a highly contagious disease that will make pigs vomiting, inferiority and loss of appetite in all stage. According to the virus morphology, PED virus shows the characteristics of the crown virus family, and analysed swine faeces founded that the virus particles detected are polymorphic and tend to be spherical. The structural protein pattern of PED is similar to other coronaviruses, with glycosylated peplomer protein, glycosylated envelope protein and unglycosylated RNA-binding nucleocapsid protein.

Muco-defen® contains two types of special selected Bacillus sp. (FMN-68 & FMN-151) and secondary metabolism - Surfactin produced by the chosen Bacillus sp. through patent solid-state fermentation. Surfactin is composed of amphiphile compounds which contain both hydrophobic and hydrophilic group within the molecule. Below figure demonstrate the amphiphile feature of surfactin can intercalate into the viral envelope, to change the envelope structure and stop the virus attach to the host cell. With the help of essential oil such as cinnamon, garlic, oregano able to inhibit the guts pathogens and provides various types of protection for gut health. Through field experiments, when PED occurring applied Muco-defen® on-time able to help gestation sows and farrowing sows reduced diarrhea problem, increased the lactating piglet survival rate and shorten the courses of disease.

 If further information needed for Muco-defen® or have interest becoming our Vietnam partner please feel free to contact us. (liferainbow@lrbiot.com) 

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