Advanced mycotoxin solution - Toxi-free® PLUS

Published on: 4/28/2021
Author/s : Life Rainbow Biotech

Mycotoxin contamination is one of the serious threats to animal feed and human food manufacturing. Mold infection may occur at all stages from field crop planting to post-harvest storage and transportation. Even under good management, mycotoxin contamination caused by mold infection is considered an inevitable problem. In addition, many mycotoxins are not easily removed through processing, they are stable to heat, physical and chemical treatments.

More than 500 types of mycotoxin have been confirmed, feed manufacturing and livestock are mainly concerned about Aflatoxins produced by Aspergillus and produced by Fusarium such as deoxynivalenol (DON), zearalenone (ZEN) and fumonisins (FUM). High concentrations of mycotoxin in feed can cause serious effects on animals. Although in most cases, low concentrations of mycotoxin do not produce immediate symptoms, but chronic exposure will affect growth and reproductive performance, suppress immune function and increase the possibility of disease.

Life Rainbow Biotech tested total of 407 feed ingredients plus feed samples in 2020, 90.3% of samples detected more than 2 kinds of mycotoxin. It means except the poison of a single toxin and the interaction between toxins has potential impact on animal health. Mycotoxins have complex type reflect different dangers, such as the reaction time in the animal body, the interaction between toxins and animal health status.

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Life Rainbow Biotech has researched mycotoxin for 15 years and developed an enzyme-type mycotoxin degrading product: Toxi-free® PLUS. Toxi-free® PLUS is a combination of three types of mycotoxin degrading enzymes, formulated mycotoxin adsorbents, and plant extract. It provides a full protection by reducing the overall toxic pressure from both polar and non-polar mycotoxin.

Toxi-free® PLUS has been verified by field trials which can improve the reproductive performance of the sow and the appearance of the skin becomes shiny. It can be used for hog to observe non-pathogenic diarrhea control, sales weight performance and carcass quality. For poultry, Toxi-free® PLUS can improve growth and egg production performance, reduce the number of deaths.

Mycotoxin is an important issue in the feed supply chain, the information we get is only from a small amount of feed through sampling and analysis. Although the risk is unpredictable, it is extremely necessary to have information and take action to control the risk of mycotoxin. Adding Toxi-free® PLUS to the feed use as a daily care product can protect the farmed animals and reduce the damage caused by the mycotoxin made the animal live more comfortably and increase the farmer's profits.

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