Article published the December 7, 2016
IntroductionEnvironmental conditions influence metabolic and developmental processes during the perinatal period of mammals and avian species [1,2,3]. Changes in metabolism and development in this period can have long-term effects in later life [2,4]. Particularly glucose metabolism seems to play a crucial role in survival and early development of animals [1,5,6]. In chicken embryos, several studi ...
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Dear Dr Abdelaziz,Thank you for you comment on my article.You have to be careful with mentioning optimal brooding temperatures as they are dependent on the design of the broiler house and the environmental conditions. Therefore, I prefer to adjust the brooding temperature to achieve an optimal rectal body temperature of the chickens. When posthatch chickens have an optimal rectal body temperature ...
Article published the December 4, 2014
1. Introduction Growth rates of broiler chickens have increased and production cycle times have decreased by 60% in the last 40 years. This is widely agreed to be the direct result of genetic selection and improvements in poultry nutrition (Havenstein et al., 2003a). The incubation and brooding period has become a larger part of the total life span of the broiler chicken. This is expected to incr ...
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Dear Chen Zhi Xiang, If I read your response, it seems that your eggshell temperature increases with embryonic age. Our experience is that an optimal eggshell temperature is on average 37.8C (range 37.5 to 38.0C) until day 18 of incubation. To achieve this in your incubator, you have to lower the temperature setpoint. It is dependent on your incubator design, season and for example flock age, ...
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Dear Chen Zhi Xiang, Thank you for your question. An average eggshell temperature of 37.8ºC is recommended from day 12 to 18 of incubation. You will always find differences in eggshell temperature among eggs on one incubator. As long as this is within the range of 37.5ºC to 38.0ºC, you can consider it as an optimal eggshell temperature that results in optimal chick quality. Please be aware ...
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We have evaluated the relationship between hatchling length or weight and slaughter weight, breast meat yield and feed conversion ratio (FCR) in both male and female broilers in two experiments. Results showed that in male broilers a positive relationship was found between hatchling length and slaughter weight or breast meat yield, but no relationship was found with hatchling weight. In female br ...
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Dear Mister, Your question was how you can produce longer chicks. First of all there are a lot of factors influencing chick length and therefore chick quality. Two of them are breeder strain and age of the breeder flock. Another factor influencing chick length is the incubation process, which needs to fit to the requirements of the embryo. Our recommendation is to incubate chicken embryos at an ...
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Dear Víctor Hugo Galindo, We did not follow the chicks till slaughter age in this trail. We are currenlty working on a trail were we do follow the chicks from set eggs till slaughter age. As soon as we have all data analysed, we can give you more information. Kind Regards, Inge Reijrink & Roos Molenaar
Article published the August 25, 2006
HatchTech Incubation Technology has put a lot of efforts in research on the relation between chick length at day 0 and the chick weight at day 7. Results showed a positive relation between chick length at day 0 and chick weight at day 7. A longer chick at day 0, has a higher development and growth potential than a shorter chick. A longer chick has probably on day 7 also better developed organs tha ...
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