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Dr A. Abdulkadir
Poultry and large animals
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Early feeding can improve broiler performance and welfareThe first experiences of a day-old chick play an important role for the development and performance of chicks later in life. Especially for broilers, one or two days make up a large portion of their relatively short lifespan.Day-old chicks can actually be up to three days old due to the time it takes for all chicks to hatch within the same h ...
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The Ghent University Postgraduate course in Poultry Health Sciences will offer an unique opportunity to study in-depth the different aspects of poultry health sciences, bridging the gap between theoretical and applied knowledge, aiming to equip current and future professionals with knowledge, skills and understanding to address global and local challenges in future poultry production.   B ...
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Nanyonga Esther, It can stop among the flock if the cause is known and adjusted. Example If it is caused by excessive light when they are coming into lay, it has to be reduced. If it is caused by bacteria induced salpingitis, it has to be treated. But the affected ones is difficult to treat because the holding connective tissues that hold the reproductive tract inside the chicken is weak and compr ...
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Dr A. Abdulkadir 6th and 9th week for unaffected flocks. choose multi strain vaccine. if the farm is not vaccinating so far and got an out break first time, vaccinate all flocks seen in the premises including the affected. repeat after 3 weeks.
Participation in Forum on July 13, 2021
Narayan Banikwhat is your suggestions on the vaccination protocol for FC
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The mechanisms of action of probiotics include enhancement of the epithelial barrier, increased adhesion to intestinal mucosa, and concomitant inhibition of pathogen adhesion, competitive exclusion of pathogenic microorganisms, production of anti-microorganism substances and modulation of the immune system (from Google search) From the above it is obvious that probiotics compete with Gram negativ ...
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Dr Kotaiah Talapaneni please Sir,are saying we can vaccinate laying birds when there is outbreak in a farm.Can we boast immunity against FC during laying?if yes what is the vaccine of choice?
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drkotaiah indbro Thank you, very short and direct to the point
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Diagnosing poultry diseases can be an art. With closed housing systems with strict biosecurity protocols, the visit of the owner and a vet became need-based. Spotting a problem is based on the data collected. On the contrary, the poultry house attendant spends more time with the birds. A dedicated attendant can spot the disease much earlier than the owner or the vet. Many poultry diseases/problems ...
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Feeds and feeding, disease, lighting and stunted growth are common factors that lead to prolapse.identifying the underlined cause can lead to the control of the problem.
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