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The cost of pelleting and FINE grinding (prior to pelleting) compared with only coarse grinding (cheaper) and the cost of investment and maintenance of pelleting line must be considered in the comparison mash vs pellet. In some country, this extra cost is very important.And in small feedmill, the cost of pelleting is higher than in the great plant.In the other side, the scientific papers comparing ...
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The effect of mash feed in the improvement of gut health can be used as a tool to switch to antibiotic-free broiler.The lower transit rate of feed observed with coarse mash let the nutrients of feed to be better absorbed and then lesser available to feed clostridia in the lower part of the gut.This explains why the moisture of litter is always lower with mash feed than with pelleted (and fine grou ...
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In my experience with mash feed in broiler, i observed this facts: 1. A decrease in mortality 2. An improvment of litter condition (less wet) 3. The gut is more healthy and more thick (heavy) especially gizzard. This explane the lower dressing rate 4. The low fat deposition is olso observed du to à lower growth rate 5. But a slow growth compared with pellet feed but the third point can be improve ...
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I dont think that the hard water will be the reason of those problems Check first the chick quality in terms of contamination with mycoplasma et E coli
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