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B.V.Sc.and A.H .;M.Sc.Extention.
Ration Balancing in subtropical countries ..Silage preparation in subtropical countries.Mineral Balancing .Fodder. Production. Plastic water storage tank for storage of water.low cost Hydropoinics.
B.V.Sc.and A.H .;M.Sc.Extention.
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Chuck Schwab, Professor Emeritus University of New Hampshire, USA. speaks about the factors affecting the amino acid (AA) requirements of dairy cows: Protein digestion, metabolizable AA sources, absorbed AA functions, benefits of balancing for the most limiting AA, and more. Presentation at the 2020 Vision and Beyond Ruminant Nutrition Conference, organized by Adisseo
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Dr. Brijesh Gupta is there are any product with Buffer and yeast so that we can try. I am thinking to give magnesium oxide to reduce mild acidosis.Anybody can suggest.
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Very well narrated. I stess for 200 - 500 gms of bypass fat per animal yielding 40 lt and above to meet out the energy requirements. Hot climate reduces the feed intake and aminal exhibits symptoms like panting. We must immediately condense the feed by increasing the bye pass fat and proteins. I am consulting the high yielders farm for last 40 yrs. Another important aspect is water intake. Animal ...
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Gustavo Pourraid Yes, I also like this response. Good combination.
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Dr.channegowda H K if we feed 1g CP per kg BW and 90 gm per lit production this much protein in HF cows there is a problem of blood urea nitrogen level and it hampers fertility also feeding more corn silage acidosis problem. Please advice.
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If the problem in goat and it is due to grains feeding in goats showing toxic symptoms give sodabicatd intravenously 50ml and reapeat if require with Avil and RLA very slow intravenously. This problems exist in goats which are in free range in cities.Dr.jadhav Ratan
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Acidosis in cattle or goat is the problem of management of feeding strategy .you can feed 60% dry matter through roughages and 40% concentrate after that if required add soda Bicard.provide sufficient comfort to cows or Buffaloes;reduce heat stress .I think this will work in Indian condition.because Because saliva is alkaline .promote Rumination.Dr.jadhav Ratan KVK Baramati
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In concentrate ration also most of the company using grain to supplement energy . In tropical and subtropical countries energy requirement is more because of High temperature .Enery reqiured to mentain body temperature . From my opinoiun energy suplmentation through grain is important ,Instead of fresh grain mash we tried fedding of sprouted grains which resulted in increase in 2 lit of milk ...
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The forage prices is very high in Turkey in 2012. Wheat straw is 217.4€/mt and 326.1€/mt for alfalfa hay. In this situation it is very difficult to held a dairy cattle farming. So we have started looking for alternative forage sources. One guy from Israel has adviced me to use corn straw. I have made quick research about it. I got different kind of opinion from people. First group said ...
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